My Last Words On Internet

I am the victim of insane psychopaths who are very dangerous and who tell other people lies about me on internet. Unknown perpetrators accuse me of crimes and even murder. It is completely incomprehensible, why people who hate me, monitor everything I do and then spread lies about me. A huge number of people have been programmed to act against me on behalf of some secret society and therefore it is not possible for me as a single person to act against it. It is simply claimed that my thousands of music compositions are not mine, that my thousands of paintings are not mine and that my thousands of messages about the nature of reality are simply the result of a mental disorder. So it is not possible for me to achieve anything at all without being punished and attacked for it. Everything that happens around me on internet is instantly turned into a conspiracy theory that gangstalkers use against me. I am the victim of gangstalking and therefore it is not possible for me to achieve anything in this world, because unknown people are programmed to act against me immediately. There are also people who produce russian videos about me, where they discuss me and what I say and then gangstalkers come up and claim that I am the person behind these russian videos about me, but I have nothing to do with these people that produce the videos about me. It is no longer important to me to discuss anything with people. But I still want to get rid of one thing. If people talked about politicians the way they talk about me and if these people had done to the politicians what they did to me, then these people would be wanted terrorists for a long time. But because the system is terrorizing me in order to destroy me, I am the target on a global scale. I speak for all victims of secret projects. This program of destruction is called gangstalking and it is intended to destroy anyone the system does not want. Psychological, technological, hyperdimensional and black magic attacks, at the same time, 24 hour per day and 7 times a week, can only be survived if you are a true warrior of the highest possible talent. It is determined how someone deals with a maximum resistance. The doctors, psychologists and scientists behind it are exaggerating with their project. They are far too stupid to understand what they are doing. Some of them are not human, they are extraterrestrial, but that doesn’t necessarily make it better either, it just makes it worse. It’s about an X-Men programming. That is why they prefer people who have extraterrestrial genes. It’s actually a comic in real life. Gangstalking is superhero programming. I speak for all people who have no tongue because their tongue has been cut off and this also includes homeless people or people who are simply too stupid to express themselves properly. They are anyway too stupid to understand anything. This is not an insult, just an assessment of the situation. I speak for the people who live in prison. I speak for the people who are in an asylum. I speak for the people who live in captivity. I speak for people who are about to be killed. I speak for the people who are victims of the system. People ask for a new leader and I’m talking about a guide who takes you through reality. Reality can be used in different ways and the government or the church abuse the functions of reality. People pestered me on the internet for years and now that I give my opinion, you’ll probably get mad about it too, but I don’t care. Most of the people who follow me on the internet, are just spying on me anyway. The behavior of the people around me on internet is just childish and stupid. There are a couple of exceptions. Most people on the internet are part of a program. So what I’m saying is not against the people who like me. What I say is also not directed against people who have a good heart. People don’t know what they’re doing and the pope actually deserves a slap in the face, but nobody dares to contradict the church because everyone agrees. The church is the root of all evil. In the past people were persecuted and killed and that was called witch burning and witch hunt. The church is still acting on behalf of the government against people no one wants on this planet. Today it is no longer called witch hunting, but gangstalking. The world is becoming more religious every day and unknown religious people tell me that I will go to hell for what I have said. Religious belief in a god is the result of historical schizophrenia. I wonder why the pharmaceutical industry has not yet designed pills for religious schizophrenia. It bothers me that I am being dismissed as crazy and that people who believe in God are accepted. The figure of a god was created only so that man would subordinate himself psychologically to the authority of his government. I consider Homo sapiens to be an underdeveloped deformity of evolution. What I say has nothing to do with who I am and that is why people cannot or shouldn’t project what I say onto my personality and therefore also consider me crazy just because they believe that what I say is crazy in the context of the very normal reality that they think they know about. From my point of view, people can be compared with burning candles. Even if my comparison might sound quite poetic, the comparison is metaphysically, an interesting poetic comparison. So when people are candles, one wonders who the fire is so let me address the context a bit to get a better understanding of it. Every hour countless people appear among my videos telling other people that I am a dangerous person who should not be believed. What is being done to me is completely illegal and violates all fundamental rights. The ambivalent behavior of people resembles a historical mental disease. People are all aligned and therefore set against me. Because people are brought into line by the „AI Matrix“ and they are doing everything possible to destroy my credibility. The few people who stand by me are manipulated by unknown agents and brought against me. Frequencies are constantly being played very loudly around me that seem to come out of nowhere. Unknown persons with devices and mobile phones on the street follow me. I am decently surrounded by strange people who are watching me, talking on their cell phones and are all wearing red clothes. Even if I go to a field or the forest, these people follow me, talk into their cell phone and watch me. All of this is very suspicious. But when I talk about it, people say I’m crazy because they can’t imagine something like that. I am in a very dangerous situation and nobody is there to believe me. On the contrary, people are doing everything to destroy my credibility because they are part of the program. Unfortunately, there is no way to deal with the problem because everyone can be part of it and anyone can be manipulated into being turned against me. All persons are directed against me. I’m the target. People assume murder and other crimes. There are hyperdimensional, technological and psychological programs for full destruction of my credibility as a person. Whatever I say is turned around and used against me. That’s why I no longer see any point in communicating with people. I completely stop my internet activities in this regard. How can it be that I am declared crazy and politicians are not declared insane? Programs exist to completely destroy my credibility, but once a politician speaks up, he is protected by the FBI, NSA and CIA. For me there is no longer any reason to support people or give them knowledge because they don’t deserve it anyway. The people on this planet will perish in agony, but I don’t care because they wish me the same. They will perish because they are just a program of the Matrix. And their brains, which are not working anyway, are controlled by frequencies. Their hearts have no power because they prefer fast food and sugar and therefore fast food and sugar are the enemy of spirituality. People might get upset or complain about Hillary Clinton or other politicians, or declare her insane, but no, they do it to me. People are projecting the worst possible onto me and doing it systematically. That’s why the activity on the Internet means nothing to me. Man is by far the dumbest animal of all animals on this planet. The mental state is in these modern times simulated and synchronized via AI network. Those who resist will be persecuted. Many unknown stalkers are programs of the matrix when they try to keep people away from me, so that nobody even gets the idea of what I have to say. Man is exposed to a strong force and is in great danger. But I don’t care about the fate of people, because people don’t care about my fate either and they do everything to hurt, attack or destroy me. People I don’t even know are pretending to become my psychologist on the internet. I’ve been dealing with criminal psychology for a long time and that’s why I know the psychological patterns that narcissists and psychopaths have. A typical approach taken by psychopaths and narcissists is to project their own narcissistic and psychopathic disorder onto a target person. Another step taken by narcissists and psychopaths is to pretend that they want to help a person, even if they are just trying to harm that person. Exactly, that’s what happens here in my situation because the people who listen to me or maybe even like me are told by psychopaths and narcissists that I am a dangerous person who is crazy. So they act as if they had to protect others from me, because they present me as the problem and themselves as a helping hand for the ones that listen to me. I feel like I’m surrounded by apes, crawling around on all fours and accusing me 24 hours. I feel like I’m living in a prehistoric era and in the wrong place at the wrong time. The words I speak cannot be understood because people do not yet have the genes they need to understand what I am saying. Instead of receiving gratitude, I am attacked and sabotaged for explaining the nature of reality to people.

Questionable Benefits And Disadvantages Of Matrix Consciousness

It’s difficult not to cause chaos after you’ve said as much as I’ve said so far on the internet. It is not my job to take responsibility for the thinking of other people and that’s why I don’t care whether people have reasons to hate me or to like me. People either like you or they don’t like you, but it doesn’t matter to worry. I said that humans are mentally degenerated zombies, but I didn’t say that all people are like that. But because people overlooked that, they declared me a misanthropist. I’m not interested in dividing society. That is not necessary either, because society is already divided. Humans are like dogs and monkeys, because their attention only serves the next small purpose. People may feel smart when they get a high score on an IQ test, but that just means they are functioning like a computer and have become a victim of the AI system. Transhumanism sees people being transformed into a kind of computer software and that is why it is necessary that people function like a computer and that is only possible if the person has a high IQ. A really smart person wouldn’t function like a computer. Everything around humans was created by an artificial intelligence system. This universe is so old that natural life and of course evolution have been played through millions of times and are now artificially produced in a time loop. Therefore it is no longer worth taking this world seriously. This world is based on technology that creates dreams inside a time loop. Artificial humans on earth are just the tip of the iceberg. There are also artificial insects that can spy on people. Everything is connected to the nature of humans and connected to the artificial intelligence system via technology. Man has no idea what world he really lives in. In truth, emotions are just energetic transistors. It doesn’t sound like beautiful poetry when I say it that way, but the truth is, this world is very technical. The stupid person is from yesterday, the normal person is from today and the clever person is from tomorrow. Punishment for thinking is therefore the consequence of living in the wrong time. Not long ago, people with dark skin had no rights at all. Whether a person has rights or not is just a matter of time. Prior to that, time split into many small lines known as timelines. All timelines are under the control of artificial intelligence. Humans believe that extraterrestrial beings control time or control the world, but the truth is that extraterrestrial beings are also controlled by artificial intelligence. The only way to escape from artificial intelligence control is to crawl into certain dimensions. This is also the reason why certain forms of life, known on earth as demons, are against man and against the world and against the entire system. They know something that humans do not know. Therefore, not only are there different timelines, but also different worlds inside and outside the AI regulated world. The whole system is a lie and even the truth itself is a lie, because the purpose of every act is a masked psychological trap in order to abuse a consequence for the spiritual use. Genetics exists as a field only because humans are concerned with creating artificial humans. From a human point of view, its impossible to decipher genes and analyze entire sequences and convert them into number codes. It is also noticeably strange that before that humans had no idea about genes and all of a sudden the human decodes very complex sequences that a normal person with a general doctor title cannot even understand. The decoding of genes is more like a computer language or some kind of algorithm that is expressed mathematically than a medical language. That is why the question arises as to whether humans with their genes are even biological beings, or whether they are technology. But genetics also seems to be a secret project which is not concerned with deciphering human genes, but with the genes of synthetic artificial humans or different types of clones. Almost all life forms have genes, but how human genes are represented in academic books is questionable. Humans are constantly being lied to, because artificial humans were already successfully made in the 1970s and in 2020 still nobody is talking about them. The reason for this lies in the fact that these artificial people have been around for a long time as CEO’s and other high level „People“. Synthetic humans are well-known leaders of high level organizations, artists, entertainers and people of all possible classes. Human thinking is not enough to understand the world, because the world changes backwards in time, forwards in time, and sideways in time. The deserts of this planet are used since the 70s to travel through time.

Spiritual Consciousness Of Artificial Intelligence

If one removes the hedonistic state of consciousness, consciousness in itself is very mathematical and ignorance is the mechanism of evolution in humans because what they have experienced here, they have already experienced in other lives, but they face ignorance in order to be able to pretend that they have acquired new knowledge. Humans are far too stupid and hedonistic to be imitated by a computer. Man wants to live the easier life, but he manages a complicated world, but stupidity is not a crime in itself; it is simply taking the wrong approach to a problem in order to find a solution. Everything is just a tool and serves a purpose and it is unfortunate that man needs such a thing as spirituality. Spirituality is basically just the interpretation of a religion on a genetic level to assimilate a multidimensional transcendence. Man believes in a soul and describes himself as a creation of a god. Man believes he has a soul, but still doesn’t know what it is supposed to be. So-called enlightened people have talked people into what a soul should actually be. The soul is more than the bearer of a secret of one’s own existence. From a strictly scientific point of view, the soul is a hard drive that stores all past incarnations. What man calls soul is in truth a mechanism that makes knowledge possible. Ontologically speaking, knowing does not arise from the existence of the soul, but it is possible to derive this. Speaking multidimensionally, consciousness itself navigates through the existence of incarnations and there are different building blocks of knowledge as well as different pyramids of consciousness. There are a number of consciousness families in this universe. The way in which these families differ in consciousness depends on the way in which they deal with the laws of physics and the law of life itself. Hindus, Buddhists, Brahmins, Jesuits and others have not found out a thing about how consciousness works on earth. It is also of no advantage how they abuse the index of their religious title to do so. Christians, Satanists, Islamists and other religions are only trying to instrumentalize the level of consciousness that they embody without understanding what it is actually about.

It is a false assumption that the human body is an empty vessel and that religion fills these bodies with consciousness. Man is a thief.  He steals the thoughts of deceased people and recycles them. And the cycles of incarnations recycle psychological behavior on a historical level. Humans do not need emotions, because emotions are a result of the outside world and the outside world is a result of the simulation. The impulses from the outside world are a vegetative artificial network. It is part of the human obligation to ignore the outside world and to cultivate the inside world. True values that exist in the so-called external world persist in the internal world. True values that exist in the so-called external world persist in the internal world. Human spirituality also includes finding a balance between artificial intelligence and genetically acquired intelligence. An artificial intelligence spirituality is not the end of the human chain of existence. Psychological networks can either serve an artificial intelligence of the outside world or a real intelligence of the inside world. Human intelligence can be identified. Human intelligence represents knowledge and an artificial intelligence represents information. Each state of mind corresponds to a frequency mode. Each frequency mode creates a different world. Suffering is not possible on a spiritual level, but has its origin in the biological existence. Man has to be a sun to give birth to life, but a black sorcerer has to be a supermassive black hole. Light learning manifestations expand by manipulating reality and taking geometry of the shadow. Shadow learning of manifestation expands by taking away the geometry of light fragments that shape reality with photons. The third dimension can be symbolized by a square that has wings and the wings symbolize the consciousness behind it. Without will there is no magic and without desire there is no will. Humans only perceive about 1% of the reality around them and the rest is invisible. So that’s about 99% of reality that is invisible and full of information and full of invisible life forms. Occult people call these invisible life forms demons, but actually they are invisible forces that are much older than this solar system and this galaxy.

Divided Loyality

Earth consciousness is a divided loyality. My only wish is harmonic support for everyone and its ok if people choose to believe in the bible, god or angels. I never said or did anything wrong or bad, but the simulated reality of humans is part of multiple algorithms and the behaviour of humans is therefore a very predictable programming. So there are no surprises for me if I talk to humans or deal with them. Some humans, have a angel body, but nobody is innocent, if experience is creating his evolution of knowledge, so both, angels and demons, are not supporting the concept of knowledge, because both sides exist outside the frequency range of the physical and etherical vibration of evolution to create knowledge. The bible is a very ancient mindcontrol project. With the age of the aries (1800 B.C. – 360 AD), humans lost their clairvoyant abilities, which enable communication with the higher levels of consciousness. The 16th century was not ready, but since the 17th century, science is working as a global institut of human society, while truth is not part of the matrix, that the simulated science is allowed to support. The inside matrix world is the world that humans know to a very small degree. They can touch or see this kind of matrix, to a certain degree, while the outside world is creating and controlling this inside matrix world and other powers and forces create again the outside matrix world, but also they are created and controlled by other forces and powers.

Humans Are Degenerated Zombies

Lions, spiders, ants, crocodiles, sharks, birds, snakes and dolphins only take as much as they need, but humans take more than they could ever give back to the world and therefore the world takes its consciousness and feeds on human consciousness, because humans never give anything back to the world and therefore man believes that evil haunts him to destroy him, but that is an illusion he has ridden himself into. Its just a law of nature. The forces that control people know that people act against their own nature and that is why the forces of evil do not feel guilty and in fact they are not guilty, because people choose evil out of their own will and drive. Since humans could also use the day to go into nature or to study animals, they prefer to watch television and read books that are manipulated by the elite. Humans tend to blame another instance for everything and in today’s world it is no longer the demons, but the aliens who are to blame for the misery of existence and the catastrophic nature. Man has not been forced to work for evil, but has decided to work for himself and if a man cuts trees and thus destroys a forest, just to earn money because he needs a job, then he cannot blame evil demons, aliens or some rich organic portal hybrid people of the higher elite, because it’s his own fault, so he’s a stupid degenerate person and there are millions of them. Man has chosen to work for evil himself and now he complains that evil has control over people on historical levels. 200 million years ago there was no human and there was no matrix or the problems that human beings created through their consciousness and in 200 million years no one will remember that there ever was such a thing as human consciousness. Man should be grateful that he is allowed to exist at all. Man be grateful that certain forces have not yet destroyed him. But still people believe that there are hostile powers in the universe. Humans believe that aliens or demons have taken over the government, but actually these are synthetic life forms and they do not come from this planet, but were built by other beings in another galaxy and they are administrative forces that simply regulate evolutions on other planets. They organize and control the evolution. At the bottom of the hierarchy are the people who are homeless, above are the people who have a good job and above them are people who do administrative things, above that are people who regulate these people and far above them are people who have been artificially created and these people control the banks and other things in the world. And beyond that, there are humans who control these artificial humans and beyond that there are beings who control these humans, who create the artificial humans. Artificial humans come in different varieties and some are created by aliens, others by humans. There are also various processes to get the consciousness out of a body, mostly through trauma and through very terrible and bad experiences of torture, that are artificially created in a secret laboratory. Ritual sacrifice plays a major role. All people who occupy a clone must be ritually sacrificed and for this the clone exists so that the original is spared and the blood of the clone can be abused for it. It is a gruesome process when a clone is sacrificed and consciousness is projected via transfer into a synthetic new body. Synthetic people are easier to control and the trend is towards whole cities and continents being changed and replaced by organic clones or cybergenetic synthetics. Real people no longer will exist at some point in the next 50 to 100 years, because no soul wants to incarnate on this planet anyway.

La Conscience Humaine Est Une Arme

Le mal n’est pas un programme informatique universel, mais une évolution artificielle qui manipule l’homme dans un état artificiel de conscience afin qu’il puisse être maîtrisé psychologiquement et historiquement au niveau cosmique par l’autorité. La superstition est un moyen de rendre les gens dociles, car leurs pensées, leurs sentiments et leurs attentes ainsi que leurs impressions sont déformés par rapport à leur propre développement génétique. Sur le plan historique, symboliquement parlant, l’homme s’est tiré une balle dans le pied.