Fatality Of Thoughts

Why is it that people lose more and more of their ability to think? I noticed that people do not see any motivation and inspiration for their own thinking as necessary. This is probably because there is an explanation and information for everything on the internet. The problem is that no information or explanation on the internet is a guarantee of truth. Exceptions are mathematical and some scientific branches, but not even astronomy is secured because a normal person cannot check whether there is even a universe out there and whether there are other planets and suns at all. Therefore everything could be a historical scam what NASA and the branches associated with it have built. But this line of thought inevitably leads to what is commonly labeled as a conspiracy theory. Therefore a precise statement is not possible, neither from the scientifically objective side, nor from the philosophically subjective side.

The universe beyond this earth can just as well be just an advanced hologram technology and that is even very likely when you consider that supposedly there is supposed to be no life on the many other planets. All of this is totally suspect. I ask this in a philosophical way so that the reader will understand what I mean by that. At the same time, I don’t want to make any claims here and just consider possibilities. What if what we can see is hologram number 1 and what we shouldn’t see is hologram number 2 and the second hologram exists in an invisible or un-connected universe around us? Then hologram number 2 could be the consciousness builder for the reality of the first hologram. If this example is actually the case, then there would also be subatomic particles of a second hologram universe and these particles would be completely unknown to the inhabitants of the first hologram.

Primitive man appeared on this planet about 30,000 years ago. In the 18th century man did not know anything. He didn’t have a computer. He had no technology. He wrote a poem in the forest or observed nature and then had to philosophize. That was all he had. But with technology, came science. I don’t count mathematical thinking as part of science. In my opinion, numbers have nothing to do with reality, but with the illusion of holographic duality, but that’s another topic. But today there is now an organization and agenda for almost everything tho explain everything, no matter how absurd it is and even, what temperature is on which planet in space.

Welcome to the world of science. You don´t need to think. They know it already. Doesn’t anyone find this strange or somehow suspicious? It doesn’t matter if it sounds absurd. What science says must not be questioned, because otherwise you are a conspiracy theorist and it is explained everywhere on the internal that conspiracy theorists are mentally ill people, which is why you should not believe them. I noticed that the whole planet was constructed in such a way that suspiciously high pressure is used against people who can think for themselves, because the government or what the government controls, does not want people to think for themselves, because independent thinking is presented as a preliminary stage of mental illness by the system.

Love Is The Opposite Of The YouTube Algorithm

YouTube is dead, but I am alive, because I am god. We all are god. God is everyone and everyone is god. But not everything is god. Technology can never be like god. Manipulative behaviour is coming from synthetic premisses. The root of evilness is not part of life force cycles. The ultime evilness is synthetic and not organic. Not life forms from other planets or dimensions are the ultimate evilness, but the nature of technology that has the purpose to control, manipulate and regulate life. YouTube is made to control the human consciousness and its a perfect manipulation to abuse the finest intrinsic qualities that humans can feel. Love is the opposite of the YouTube algorithm. All people will try to do the same, say the same, think the same and be the same, till everyone is the clone of all others. YouTube is only a mindcontrol project that cooperations abuse to make money with the wrong soul behaviour of the human genetic consciousness matrix, so therefore, YouTube is destroying the evolution of higher consciousness to enslave it for the cruel insanity of a hidden transhumanism. Don´t forget to hit the like button. Don´t forget to subscribe. Enjoy funny people that eat for 500 dollars dog shit, enjoy watching people breaking their bones while riding the bike after to much beer, enjoy adult guys playing Minecraft while screaming distorted words that make no sense, enjoy 8 hours of boring meditative music that will be played inside a loop, enjoy a vagina exam to learn how to remove hair around the vagina, enjoy watching people that eat spicy noodles and cry tears from pain, enjoy conspiracy theories about evil aliens from real humans that worry a lot about the real reality around them, and finally – enjoy this wonderful YouTube algorithm that will always just show you the worst and most stupid videos that were ever uploaded to YouTube, while blocking and hidding all the important videos of the last 15 years. Enjoy and feel the freedom of the greatest plattform on internet. YouTube will even give you a few cents or 3 dollars, if you produce videos that the algorithm likes, so you don´t even have to produce for yourself or others, no, you produce only for the algorithm. Isn´t that just wonderful, smart and nice? Isn´t that making you feel loved by YouTube? This is your new religion or cult and its even a business at the same time. Human evolution was never more advanced.

What Invisible Voices Whisper

Man instinctively feels the innate longing to integrate his own animal kingdom existence in the general well-being with the social community of lower animals around him, so that he can preprogram the illusion of harmonious harmony as a means of psychological satisfaction on a collective scale and implement psychology to promote the dogma of lies, so his lies are his truths and his truths are his weakness, because his weakness is a lie and planet earth will be destroyed because of his inability to enjoy the nature of truth, so torture, murder and torment will help him to acquire his supernatural abilities and nobody will take this qualities away from him. Evil is not a learned behavior and certainly not an innate behavior.

Evil is the rule as a principle for the destruction of material reality and thus a trojan horse of purely spiritual consciousness. If the highest intelligence of this universe on this planet would once speak the absolute truth, everyone would realize that all philosophical, mathematical, historical, scientific, spiritual and psychological books would have to be rewritten. The disadvantage of the internet is that everyone can read their opinion somewhere because someone else has already said it elsewhere. This is because you all think the same way. Homo sapiens have been dying in the constellation of Scorpio for almost 20 million years and the people of your earth have no idea that there is life in other places in space.

Humans with highly developed genes were released on your planet almost 70,000 years ago because they were counted among early prototypes of artists, scientists and thinkers. The strongest individuals were able to enforce their blood lines because they maintained their own boundaries and this is how your royal families came into being that rule the planet today to a certain degree. The whole dilemma was transformed into a off-planet military consciousness experiment to study the interplay of consciousness with certain genes and their control on earth.

30 years ago, cooperations were controlled by royal families, while it is the other way around on your planet today, because today cooperations control your royal families and these cooperations are controlled by highly advanced military off-planet cooperations that do not originate in this solar system. The reason for this is the old game of power. Prisoners were transported to other constellations and this also includes high kings of other worlds who have played their games on your earth on a historical level.

Many of them are still alive and worshiped as gods and goddesses on your earth today because some of them play a role in certain religions, ancient civilisations or occult realities. The genetic deduction of consciousness has been made a problem on your earth. Too many evil things happened in some areas of this universe because love was not part of the game, but rather competitive thinking and the peak of competitive thinking can create a battlefield of war.

Channeling Material Of Silke F – Session XVII

Annihilating destruction is all you know, as long as you don’t know better, but when humans die, they either let themselves be buried or burned. With us it is completely different and we let our consciousness fuse into a computer. Our consciousness is encoded with software so our consciousness can be fused into certain subatomic particles and these can then be installed in certain living beings or galaxies. We don’t want to convince you wrongly that there is no such thing as hate, because you experience it almost every day on the Internet from people who are jealous because you have the power and they don’t and the difference is that you got power because you get attention and they don’t and that’s why you can talk about things and then you get attention from people. Its their ancient fear, that you could rule over them, like a king or queen consciousness. They feel like slaves. We talk about the ones that you would call haters. They have a very unique awareness, a pretty bad one. That’s why they believe that they have less power than you, though they could do the same thing, but they don’t want to, because they are afraid that they will be punished by the masses for it and because they believe that this is right, they are doing the same with you and punish you for having power. You don’t have to be afraid of anyone or anything. It’s rather the other way around and the world must be afraid of you if you speak out the truth.

The world on your planet is the result of weak people and many people live wrongly and think they are or should be slaves and if they see that others are not like that pathological disaster dogma, then they also want to enslave the free people and the powerful people and bring them back into the corner because they are already in the corner themselves all their life. You made it and the jealousy of other people is proof that you did everything right with your life. If you want to get up a mountain, then you have to climb it and if you are not careful for a moment, 1,000 dangers can tear you into your death and that is also the case with your private life if you want success in life, because life is a reality that will create itself of feelings and thoughts and other elements. You don’t need to worry about how other musicians or artists might think of you. We can read a certain level of arrogance and vanity within your consciousness, but this has no pathological content and takes place in the healthy realm.

From our point of view, as an artist, you are much more interesting if you are not available to the media and if you stay a secret on the internet. However, we can also read from the consciousness of a certain Richard D James, who goes by the stage name „Aphex Twin“, that he too had the same problems, but that happened in the mid-90s when his neighbors wanted to beat him because he was playing his music and mixed it loud and he had personal problems too when he got popular in the 90s and he went through the same and it’s natural that you go through that. The artist who is known on earth as Aphex Twin is so fascinating to people who listen to music because he can scale people’s brains into a certain area of ​​consciousness through the music and the sound. And normally only drugs like mescaline or LSD can do that and therefore his music also has a meaning for the rise of high consciousness on earth, but at the same time his music also has a reinforcing effect on the cellular memory, which has been stored in humans since ancient times and we can say with certainty that the brainstem in humans is stimulated by his music and that means in plain language and in simplified terms that his music makes people aggressive.

Brainwaves of his listeners are highly programmed and therefore his fans are also pathologically aggressive people, but that doesn’t mean his music is bad or has bad intentions. It is part of psychological health to bring out aggressions and negative states of consciousness and something like that can also be done musically or aurally. We would like the music on your planet to communicate more with sound than with the idea of ​​how the concept of sound determined through the nesting of rhythm and melody in the consciousness of the human being to amplify for a few minutes certain kind of psychological characteristics. A gifted and talented musician does not necessarily have to be a musician and artist who composes something that helps people, or something that is good for people somewhere, but it can also be exactly the other way around and have a negative manipulative effect on people’s consciousness and that poses a big problem because your music industry promotes false awareness.

Your own music sounds 87% negatively oriented and only about 13% of your compositions or however you want to call it, are positively oriented and have a positive effect on human consciousness and that is also the reason why so many people do not like your music and that does not mean that your music is produced cheaply is or is badly composed and it doesn’t mean that you are untalented either, but it does mean that people get a bad emotional state when they hear your music. Another reason is that you perceive your music completely differently than the people that listen to your music. You look at it all very scientifically, how you change sounds and what you can trigger to generate additional awareness configurations, but people just want a song that makes them happy or distracts them from everyday life for a moment and they often don’t get that when they hear your music. We don’t want to stand against you with this statement, or somehow portray your enemies in a better light.

People with chromosomes and genes can only experience a certain level of intelligence and knowledge and from a physical and biological point of view, only a certain level of consciousness is available to them and music or sound can reinforce or change that. At this point we would like to say about the musician that you know on this earth as „Aphex Twin“, that he refuses to write books, but we can tell you, ever since he was a little boy, he wanted to write a book as a child about everything man had never said or said before and he thought it would be a lot easier if he just composed some kind of music that sounds like whether the brain reads books and he wanted to give that impression so that when you listen to his music – you create a certain kind of magical knowledge frequency and that’s why his music sounds the way it sounds.

And if we dig a little deeper, we can read out his consciousness in such a way that we recognize that „Aphex Twin“ was very interested in the ancient history of the earth and also tried to travel through time sonically. The person behind the name „Aphex Twin“ is an insecure person and gets nervous very easily, but he used his music in such a way that it made him a strong child on a psyschological level and so he composed his music in a way that it made him even more nervous and therefore his music makes people nervous too, but when he was healed through his own music, „Aphex Twin“ changed his dogma about composing, which made people expand on consciousness level and he triggered peaceful feelings and that was good for people and also had a positive effect on the consciousness of his listeners.

We do not want to talk further about this person and we also are aware that you are currently worried about data protection in this forum. You don’t like people’s names being mentioned, but we ask you, what’s worse? Is it worse using people’s names, or is it worse being trapped with the same people on this planet? You cannot avoid consuming their energetic structure when communicating with them negatively and therefore it doesn’t matter whether you use their name or not, it does matter whether you use their name positively. With our question we want to teach you in a playful way that it makes no difference whether you write a name in the forum digitally or whether you just think about a name in your mind because it is exactly the same and therefore there is such a thing as data protection. There can be no data protection at all, because energetically all data and all knowledge is accessible and everything changes because it can be consumed through awareness.

We see how you calculate the human behaviour on your internet together that the impression could arise that this forum makes no sense at all because nobody writes and when someone writes, then it’s just things that look like nonsense and we know how you think and how you look at it all and so on, but we want to tell you all here that this forum is a help to all of you, because you can communicate all in spirit and in dreams and you all live together and it is beautiful and it is good that it is so and more positive people will become members of this forum in future. We are also aware that you explained to people that there is no such thing as spirit and that you are also of the opinion that there is actually no such thing as a soul and that there is actually no such thing as a higher self, but we want to tell you that in every dream there is only what the creator allows and therefore for some there may be a higher consciousness or a soul while for others something like a soul does not actually exist or something like a higher consciousness and you can’t just standardize everything because everyone is really different and there is no way to classify the human species or anything at all within the biological parameters of the human reality nature.

We feel that you have an incredible energy in your consciousness and you could make a whole city shine in the dark with your strength and energy and we mean that symbolically when we say that you are in the right mood and configuration to publish your personal messages on the Internet and we are not talking about channelings or what is happening here, but just do it, because it is like a spiritual firework on quantum sphere level for this earth and also for the people, that use their genes to connect with all this, because the people are locked in their little houses and by that we also mean the thoughts. Thoughts are also like houses and there are many people who have their ego or higher self locked inside their thoughts. They don’t find the way out of their thoughts. You are not your thoughts. We interrupt this transmission at this point and wish you a nice evening.

But we would like to add at this point, because we had talked a little about musicians and so on, that the music industry on earth belongs to the egyptian and arab royal families and therefore the pyramids symbolic is a duty. The symbolism of the eye is also part of the contractual obligation within the music industry. It is about honor and respect for the arab and egyptian royal families. Sony has sold its rights to royal families and is practically only bringing in money for them because every CEO at the top has been secretly replaced by a replica. The only ones that are not replaced by clones are certain families that only imitate human DNA, but do not have any. In these countries it is part of the old cultures when women and children are sold and that is why the music industry has also adopted this whole dogmatic insanity and transferred it to business and that is the real reason why Hollywood and the whole pathological complex, that goes with it, falls apart completely. Stars are murdered if they want to go public with it. However, due to this complicated and dangerous business situation, new technologies have been developed to allow real people to be murdered and to duplicate them by clones so that no one will notice the real crime that is being practiced here behind closed doors, far away from the media or awareness of regular people.

Channeling Material Of Silke F – Session XVI

We are one and I want you to write down the following sentences. We haven’t interfered on earth for a long time, but now it is the highest level of alert to interfere on earth. We have observed that many people have been victims of chemical attacks. Intelligent chemical weapons are currently being used against humans on this earth, namely chemicals that have an intelligence and can spread themselves in the body and take over the body and therefore they behave like a virus, but this is not about a virus. You don’t need to ask because I already give the answer and I want to make it clear that we never communicated through you or with you.

In general you all say on earth that the dignity of the human being is inviolable but in truth no human being ever has received the honor of being endowed with dignity to realize his life through delicate dignity after his birth on this planet earth. We have made up our minds for you today and would like to send a message to humanity through you. We stayed near Greenland this morning and meanwhile our ship is over Europe and moving later towards Australia and in two to three hours we will have completely left this planet. Our task was to do a study and scientific investigation of the water at Greenland. We can also announce seismic changes in this geographic area for the next 14 months.

There is no danger to humans or animals at any time, regarding these seismic and geographic changes. People need to be involved in restoring their brains. The connection between the two hemispheres of the brain is blocked or broken in most people. The brain area „Corpus Callosum“ is operating at a very low frequency of about 4 hz, but compromised and thats a fact for almost every human. This is why the brain of most people is so overwhelmed that the „Truncus cerebri“ (Reptilian) brain area takes over the function of the „Mesencephalon“ (Midbrain) because no correct or healthy relationship between the left and right hemispheres of the brain is sent to the middle brain, because of to much poison in the air, water and fake food products that you all eat on this earth.

We want to warn you because we are sure that humanity will die out sooner than we suspected. The individual cannot balance or reverse this process anyway because a human life lasts on average about 70 years on this earth. If you add that most people die at a young age or will die of future viruses and consume drugs and alcohol, then the actual number of how old a person can get today, is much less than 70 years. You should not believe the official statistics of your health department or the government. Life on earth is reminiscent of a guitar that has come to life and plays a song that is so sad that the guitar breaks down and stops making sounds. The innocence of man appears when you see humans as a growing flower and it reminds us of a white lotus society that existed in China as a movement for a long time and it was a movement to honor „Wusheng Laomu“.

It was originally a woman who was known as an invisible and delicate energy via the sense of others, because psychologically highly sensitive people were interested in her and reported that she was present when they felt a certain presence of winds around them. In later years this mysterious subject was declared a legend because it was combined with the worship of a goddess who was a psychological symbol for the noble majesty of human rights on earth that protected mother nature hand in hand through the human respect of nature, but none of this lasted long and the pollution of the earth started. The ruling dynasties of China had problems exercising respect for the poor people. To them, having power over a person was more important than having power over the health of the planet.

The so called chinese godess „Xiwangmu“ was basically the representative of an extraterrestrial civilization at that time, for thousands of years on this planet, with the task to study nature. From our point of view, „Xiwangmu“ was not a chinese goddess, but an extraterrestrial employee of a team that does not belong to this planet. She just wanted to telepathically connect with some of the more sensitive humans and collectively remind people of how valuable nature is, but because she knew that humans would not understand her form of knowledge, she gave them temporary enlightenment. Someone deserves lasting enlightenment just with sublime soul development. The structure and configuration of the human brain prevent full enlightenment.

Don’t worry, because the matrix would collapse with full enlightenment. Higher understanding is not very complicated if you want to learn the basics of reality, but the human life is to short to learn much. 70 years are not much time and thats the reason why most humans learn basically nothing. You need the matrix because your entire psychology has been born into the matrix over the millennia and without the matrix your psychology on this earth would have no meaning and purpose within which to navigate around spiritual evolution to amplify the spiritual process of what is considered on a historical level the cellular memory index of all the vessels that the homo sapiens can use to create his false images via his spiritual index proclamations since thousands of years, through the encoding of false light algorithms.

We don’t use bodies the way you all do. Through a genetic marker, we cannot be assigned to any species on your planet. Your scientific earth based gene mapping concepts, ideologies and technologies, need more evolutions and it will take about, 20 more summers, for the earth to have a complete surveillance of humans via genetic technology. By 20 summers, we mean 20 years. There are people on your planet who represent a genetic template that cannot be interpreted through such technology. We also would like to tell you that it would be wise if you would stop all your activity on YouTube, but let us continue to talk about technology that is used against humans, because our message is for the interest of all humans and not just for the interest of you or a little group.

The goal of this technology is to find out who is human on your planet and who is not because there are people on your planet who are not human, but look like this and therefore there will be technologies in the future that can read out which people have which genes and also the individual configuration of the chromosomes will then be assigned to psychological profiles by supercomputers and all this should then be organized by artificial intelligence algorithms via quantum computers in such a way that the human being can be better assessed and predicted. Precursors of this, from your point of view, advanced and sophisticated technology, already exist underground in the Utah desert since the 90s.

You have reached a level of enlightenment that leaves the consciousness and awareness of people far behind you on the historical and current time level. The way that you go, is the way that physical reality is giving you, but mental reality is not giving you a way and you are free in this context, because nobody is giving you a path, but you are giving everyone a path. The bitterness of life is not a cause for concern, because everything that is bitter is good for life and that starts with healthy eating and healthy is what is bitter. Green tea and grapefruits are just one example of energy signatures that are available on your planet and that your chromosomes like to enjoy. The perception of bitterness activates a protein in the mouth which stimulates genes that trigger enzymes in the body that have a positive effect on the functioning of your brain. These enzymes can make you more profound.

Sweet taste makes you naive and is reinforced by enzymes that are triggered by sugar. We would like to give you the advice that you should stay the way you are and don’t let others influence you. As far as your forum is concerned, there will soon be trouble because some people will lash out with poisonous words but you shouldn’t be impressed by this and also some of the friendly people in your forum shouldn’t be impressed because they are people who have very little respect for life. They learn nothing or too little. You should look at them like monkeys in a cage. They are nothing else than that. We respect all animals. But the negative connotation that monkeys create for humans, are basically just created by humans, not by monkeys. Monkeys have a right to be monkeys. Humans are in most cases, from our point of view, a waste of genetic material.

We don´t want that you are so much available for others on the internet. Stay away from communications with humans. They do not understand our messages and they do not understand your messages. You should not talk about god or religion, because the dogma of gods and religions was implanted inside the genes of human monkeys, thousands of years ago with lasers. Light codes were used to encode a false language of light inside of chromosomes to mock human biology on this earth. Plants grow into the direction of the sun, but humans only grow into the direction of false light codes that are a false and pre-programmed dogma, concept and ideology envelope.

Channeling Material Of Silke F – Session XV

A: Every day, people look for a suitable state in order to experience their moment as positively designed according to the circumstances. Don’t be surprised at other people’s behavior. The forest is nothing more than the sum of its parts. Its meaning, however, is worth more than the sum of its parts. The same goes for the consciousness.

We answer every question for you. We have found that knowledge and understanding have nothing to do with the thoughts or the mindset, but with the frequency of the consciousness itself. The limited areas of the universe belong to the 20% that belong to the dark area and about 17% of it is simulated. We insist that you ask us a question.

Q: Who are you?

A: We are the peace of frequency.

Q: Is this a civilization or a race, or is it just a classification used to describe a psychological condition?

A: We are no longer in an evolution that is linearly interconnected with a vertical consciousness as it is used in the linear universe to interconnect interference with an organic shell.

Q: What is meant by vertical consciousness?

A: With vertical consciousness we mean, symbolically speaking, an awareness that goes up and not just sideways.

Q: Can you explain the difference between horizontal awareness and vertical awareness?

A: Horizontal consciousness is part of the time loop and belongs to the approximately 17 to 20% of reality evolutions that are simulated in the universe. Vertical consciousness is little or not at all organically centered and therefore immune to the simulation of the universe.

Q: What is the reason for the simulation of the universe?

A: We are of the opinion that horizontally evolved consciousness, due to its organic coding, has organized a flaw in the system that is erased in time loops and these time loops are organized by technology in order to let nature purify itself in a self-regulating manner. Evolutions that have crystallized organically were not arranged within time loops and it was more like a shift from vertical consciousness to horizontal consciousness.

Q: So you think that the conversion from vertical consciousness to horizontal consciousness has turned the reality interefence of energy grids in certain fields in the universe into a simulation time loop?

A: Yes.

Q: What frequency does simulated consciousness use with a horizontal orientation?

A: A bad one.

Q: Couldn’t you give me any frequency numbers, or wouldn’t you give me any frequeny numbers that a consciousness uses to vibrate with?

A: Vibrating frequencies are organic, but consciousness is not organic and therefore consciousness does not use frequencies that can be measured, but you are welcome to interpret realities as frequencies that trigger situations.

Q: It all sounds very complicated.

A: That’s because it’s complicated.

Q: What percentage of people on earth use vertical awareness?

A: 23%, but only when they are asleep.

Q: Why only when they are asleep?

A: Because the body is then no longer aligned horizontally but vertically, because the vertical consciousness is not organic.

Q: We talked on the forum earlier about Britney Spears and whether she is human or something else. What is your opinion of Britney Spears?

A: It was a product for creating money.

Q: That means she is no longer alive?

A: In 2002 her life came to an end.

Q: What happened?

A: She was given a life-threatening drug overdose of „Antipyrine/Phenazone“.

Q: What is this medicine used for?

A: Pain and fever.

Q: And then who or what is the person who is now considered Britney Spears?

A: Clone.

Q: Can you please explain that a little more precisely?

A: The real version of her passed away in 2002 and because she was worth so much money, great efforts were made to create a clone of her to keep the money business going and that clone developed his own life and built his own empire around the person around who no longer exists and not many people in the business know about it either.

Q: Does she have feelings and emotions like other people?

A: No. Because this entity is artificially, it is not connected to the real world, which vibrates vertically and therefore it is organized in such a way that it can interact only with horizontal consciousness, which is organized within the simulated world and that’s why her consciousness radius is reduced to about 17%. Therefore, she does not interact with the real world. Her soul structure is not compatible with the human structure of the soul. When she was created as a clone, there was awareness.

This presence was extraterrestrial and that consciousness invaded her clone. This extraterrestrial consciousness previously lived in an ocean and it already knew that one day it would live in the body of a clone. The deep sea of ​​the earth is full of ET consciousness.

Hollywood has programmed people in such a way that people think of clever aliens flying around in spaceships, but the truth is completely different because consciousness exists on all planets and also between planets. Consciousness can choose a body or an organic shell. It depends on the consciousness itself for which body or which incarnation it decides.

Message Of Silke F Written In Number Code

12090605 1514 0501182008 2315211204 0205 1915 14090305 0906 160515161205 23051805 01 120920201205 13151805 0315141909040518012005 1506 05010308 1520080518. 08152305220518, 13011425 160515161205 01121915 08012205 13011425 1516091409151419 011404 13011425 1516091409151419 030114 0205 040906060518051420 011404 05220514 0212150311 05010308 1520080518 011404 20080919 0524161201091419 230825 160515161205 031512120503200922051225 040906060518 0225 02051209050619 081523 1506200514 20080525 0415 141520 21140405181920011404 05010308 1520080518. 09 2008091411 0920’19 091316151820011420 2015 180513091404 160515161205 1506 12152205.

0120151319 0415 141520 030801140705 2308091205 251521 011805 150219051822091407 20080513 011404 200805180506151805 1502190518220120091514 0919 200805 180501191514 230825 200809140719 0415 141520 030801140705 011404 200809140719 23091212 15141225 030801140705 23080514 251521 19201516 150219051822091407 1518 160125091407 012020051420091514 2015 20080513.

20080919 0919 01 120123 1506 17210114202113 130503080114090319 011404 0920 1516051419 200805 04151518 2015 13010709030112 21140405181920011404091407 1506 200805 2315181204. 200805 2315181204 0919 03180501200504 0522051825 131513051420.

0522051825 16011820 1506 200805 2315181204 0919 01121915 01 16011820 1506 251521. 200805 1608251909030112 2315181204 0919 12091105 0114 052420051419091514 1506 25152118 13091404. 011212 031205220518 011404 1615230518062112 1309140419 08012205 04151405 2008050918 16011820 011404 13010405 20080919 2315181204 23080120 0920 0919 2015040125. 022120 01121915 011212 192021160904 011404 23050111 1309140419 08012205 05010308 13010405 23080120 0920 0919 2015040125.

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01121915 2315181119 020103112301180419. 200805 0301211905 0919 200805 050606050320 011404 200805 050606050320 0919 200805 0301211905.

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05220518252008091407 011404 0522051825151405 0919 13010405 1506 051405180725, 022120 09 2315211204 0715 1915 060118 0119 2015 0118072105 20080120 141520 0522051825151405 080119 010303051919 2015 051405180725, 05220514 0906 20080525 130125 0205 13010405 1506 051405180725. 23080520080518 251521 08012205 010303051919 1518 141520 0919 04052005181309140504 0225 25152118 152314 011209071413051420 011404 0920 080119 2015 0415 23092008 200805 180519151401140305 1506 25152118 152314 051405180725 011404 061805172105140325.