Open World Of NPCs & Replaced Zombie Virus Clones

Humans are turning more and more into non human beings that only look human, but do not act, feel or think human. People are becoming more and more something that should be replaced. Zombies need to be replaced. The reason for this is their danger. So the human species will be replaced by synthetics and clones through organic portals, because humans turn into zombies. The virus vaccination will damage people even more. The doctors and scientists are starting to publish informations about all this. Some people even died after the vaccination.

The virus topic was just the trojan horse concept to inject people with chemicals that „should“ help them, but these chemicals are very dangerous and will not change anything. The virus is destroying nerve cells that turn people into zombies so the cloning center has to work together with the military. Most people are anyway just NPCs and not even really here. They just move around because they are remote controlled.

Gangstalking is just the little effect of all this. The bigger effect of all this will be a destroyed zombie society with homeless people because taking away the power from people is the goal. Highly advanced secret technologies will turn this prison planet even more into the plan of nightmares. The love and light consciousness is not even anymore part of this new earth simulator realm.

The past of earth history is also changed because of the open source code disaster so all NPCs are inside the time loop since a long time. This disaster started 1996 when the secret global replacement project started. Clones will replace real people. Not all people will be replaced.

The police and also criminals are also replaced. They act like computer generated NPCs from a video game. The complete reality is a ultra realistic open world simulation with a integrated consciousness core shell that has to be activated, otherwise, consciousness will stay deactivated. Zombie behaviour is the consequence. Real people with activated consciousness will be able to see the difference between simulated reality setups and real reality which is not part of pre-programmed setups.

Real consciousness can „see“ how much the human reality turned already into the zombie reality of NPCs that only „do something“, but there is no consciousness behind it and this makes the reality of NPCs very demonic and highly robotic. They are mechanical animals. AI controlled zombies are the next generation of human evolution on this planet. „Planet“ means by the way „Plan ET“.

The Magical Conversations Of Izel & Silke F – Strange Conclusions

Silke F: I asked myself today if reality is creating the people or people are creating the reality, because it makes basically no sense at all to observe this world, if this world is anyway just the creation of the creator and we have therefore billions of creators. The question is, are the creators the reality fields or are the creators the living organisms. The question is also, where is the start and end, between holographic reality simulation and reality. This would mean that its impossible to observe the awareness of the creators, because one awareness is never able to be in alignment with another awareness to encode reality or this world in the same way.

Izel: You think to much. You are the creator of knowledge if truth is in creative alignment with your higher awareness. Thinking is just activating neurons, but thoughts are not activating knowledge or truth. Knowledge is not the consequence of thoughts, its the consequence of living in alignment with the vibrational vortex field between etherical body, awareness and molecular existence. Truth is never simulated. Only the lie can be simulated or cloned. You can not sell someone a false truth. You just can play silly games with people till they are becoming fools because they may believe lies and these lies can imitate the behaviour of truth. A good example would be the lie about religion. People love religion because religion is able to imitate the behaviour of truth, but the real behaviour of truth is about alignment with your vibrational frequency and religion is not able to transform your frequency to remove mental distortions. Only truth is able to remove in higher dimensional ways the psychological behaviour of a distorted awareness.

Silke F: Isn´t all reality the consequence of distorted awareness? The biggest authorities of this planet all seem to have big problems with a healthy and normal awareness. In other words, to my understanding, the biggest authorities seem to be people that lost their mind. They do not even seem to be smart or intelligent. They just have a lucky army of people that work for them because these people worship these individuals. So these big authorities can´t be in alignment with the nature of reality. They do not even seem to care if they go against the higher laws of reality. They just seem to care about expanding their power and status. Thats the nature of pathological lies, but they think thats the nature of higher truth, because their mind is inverted.

The Magical Conversations Of Izel & Silke F – The Desert Is Alive

Izel: The heat of summer tells the story of the desert.

Silke F: How does the history of the desert differ from the history of human society?

Izel: Both harbor consciousness. In the desert it is too hot for organic life and that is why many forms of life have chosen a disembodied existence in the desert.

Silke F: What forms of disembodied existence are meant by this? Are you talking about desert demons?

Izel: I am not a representative of religious ideologies and therefore I do not use such terms. When I speak of desert, I don’t just mean this planet, but other planets that are far too hot for organic life forms. An organic body is not necessary to exist. Existence doesn’t start with a body and it doesn’t end with a body either.

Silke F: But what is the purpose of a life if it is not centered in reality with a organic body?

Izel: Not every life form of such a kind, but many life forms of this kind take care of the interaction and metabolism of dimensional nature on this and other planets. Trees are connected to an older consciousness than humans and mountains are otherwise connected to an even older consciousness than trees.

Silke F: Is man more related to the consciousness of mountains or the consciousness of trees?

Izel: Mountains.

Silke F: Why?

Izel: Because the human body is more like the nature of rocks than the nature of plants, since humans are based on minerals.

Silke F: The body could be expressed with a pyramid and the spirit of the person could be expressed with wings and a winged pyramid would symbolically represent a human.

Izel: Not everything, but a lot can be expressed visually and symbolically.

The Magical Conversations Of Izel & Silke F – Bizarre Earth History

Izel: About 16 million years before the bible was written, beings who are not of this planet, already could read with technology the bible, on an island, many millions of years before humans existed on this planet. This is because these beings have a technology that can holographically reconstruct objects from the future. These beings were not involved in the creation of man, but they were interested in what would become of the human experiment. They saw planet earth with different eyes. 16 million years ago there were no humans and no animals like today. It was generally warmer and there was more oxygen, so all animals were bigger and so were insects and reptiles larger.

Silke F: In a channeling of mine, forces and intelligences have declared that time travel is not possible because it used to be possible and the universe has been synchronized in a new way so that it is now coded in a very special way, which means that time travel is no longer possible.

Izel: The whole universe is completely coded. This means that everything is perfectly coordinated and that backwards and forwards in time are perceived by life forms through organic time waves. The time that life forms can perceive is the „Beta Time“. But there is also a time that life forms cannot perceive, that is the „Alpha Time“. This universe used to function in „Theta Time“. That was about 300 trillion years ago. Beta time cannot be perceived by the nervous system at the same time. That is why it is genetically broken down into three parts. Future, present and past. Alpha time cannot be perceived by organic beings. This time coding affects vibrations and particles that do not interact with matter that life forms use in this universe.

The Magical Conversations Of Izel & Silke F – The Orion Civilisation

Silke F: People could have paradise on earth, but they have the opposite of paradise. It is as if people are victims of an invisible force.

Izel: That is correct. However, it is their own fault.

Silke F: Humans say that they are victims of demons and extraterrestrials, but I don’t think that’s accurate.

Izel: Humans got their intelligence from an extraterrestrial race. Therefore they are in a more favorable constellation with your consciousness. Your consciousness is not human. However, there is also a hostile extraterrestrial race that has a problem with humans because it has something against this other extraterrestrial race. Behind both races is a third race that wants to fight the war of both races through human consciousness. That is what man was created for. This is the mindset of advanced alien races. This is how they do it. These forces think ahead for millions of years. The intelligence of these beings and their knowledge go far beyond what is accessible to a human genius.

Silke F: What is genius?

Izel: There is genetic memory. When the intellect disconnects itself from genetic memory, the intellect operates without the threshold of an organic premise that is preprogrammed for historical evolution. Then genius is possible. Genius is possible when the genetic preprogramming of the intellect is evolutionarily outwitted to surpass all historical wisdom and knowlege thresholds.

Silke F: Do these beings have no weaknesses or limits at all?

Izel: They too have weaknesses and limits. But they live in a different time signature. In their view, people live as fast as mosquitoes and flies. Some of these beings can live over 12,000 years. Others of these beings can get much older. It is also possible for them to receive a synthetic upgrade, which means they can live over 500,000 years. Some of these beings live like mechanical soldiers and do not know the way of life of humans and animals.

Silke F: In my channeling writings some forces have declared that an extraterrestrial computer has been installed inside the earth. What is the relationship between these forces and the other alien beings mentioned here?

Izel: They are part of the authority thats observing LCP’s and this means „Life Creation Projects“. The human race has genes from the „Orion system“ and that is why there are many extraterrestrial human civilizations in the Orion system. Some of these extraterrestrial races act as overseers. Humanity represents a humorous experiment for some of these beings. They are amused to see how human consciousness deals with what it is experiencing. „Orion Civilizations“ are very humorous. Some have malicious humor. However, some of them are cold and not humorous or even martial and demonic. Just as people laugh at monkeys in the zoo, the „Orion Civilisation“ laughs at humans. Humas are like monkeys for them. They think that humans are stupid and funny. They don’t find people funny in a positive way, but rather amusing and stupid in a negative way. Many of these breeds are very cold and mechanical. From their perspective, people are like little children who play stupid thought games with their imaginations. Its not what the movies portray, although it’s a bit like a star wars. However, it is far more complicated and everything is much more relaxed. Each entity base has its own empire. Some of them have spread their genes on planets to mark their territory. It is similar to when a dog pees against the wall to show that this is his territory.

Silke F: Do you literally mean that you laugh at people? Or is that meant symbolically to express the contempt?

Izel: They have an incredibly high level of intellect. Therefore, they look down on humans like people look down on apes. Often this can be combined with an amused laugh. This laugh is not based on joy or emotion. It’s more of a psychological contempt based on arrogance.

Silke F: Can you describe the look of beings from the „Orion System“?

Izel: Many look like humans, some look like goblins and others look like giants. Some of these look aquatic while others have wings. But the people there are thinner and taller. Their eyes look like cats eyes. Very powerful beings live there. They could take over your planet completely in less than 3 hours. There are many different sub-races and the „Orion System“ is huge. It is many millions of times larger and more diverse than 100 inhabited earth planets could be. Therefore it is not possible to describe all forms of life in detail or naively.

Silke F: Do they have a religion?

Izel: Yes. Technological monotheism is the religion in the „Orion System“. There are also less developed worlds in this system. These worlds have different forms of religion. Some are similar to Buddhism, but more closely related to technological ideologies that do not yet exist on earth. Not everyone is religious in this system. In general, religion is less well represented in the „Orion System“ than on earth. There are also forms of atheism.

Silke F: Are these beings friendly?

Izel: Not all of them. Everything is also available in the cosmic sector. There is a cosmic police and there is a cosmic secret service. There are cosmic organizations and much more that does not exist on earth. Power can make something dangerous. Negative consciousness can therefore arise from power or the wrong use of it. For many, positive awareness is therefore a sign of weakness. But there is a lot more positive awareness than negative awareness.

Silke F: How would these beings travel to earth?

Izel: With a cube.

Silke F: What kind of technology is that?

Izel: They have a great deal of knowledge. Much higher than any science on earth. They have technology to convert vibrations and particles. In this way you can „cut out“ a whole time sequence and cross „space“ without having to travel through it. For this, however, you need very special substances that do not exist on earth and that cannot be produced synthetically. They are substances that do not even exist in one of the many categories on earth. Some of these substances can influence the behavior of quantum oscillation in an exotic and diverse way.

Silke F: How big is this cube?

Izel: 182.672 square meters.

Silke F: Can you describe this extraterrestrial object?

Izel: Visually it looks like a dark yellow metallic cube.

Silke F: How many life forms can travel with this cube?

Izel: About 12 million travelers are possible with this cube object.

Silke F: How fast can this cube fly?

Izel: The cube doesn’t fly. It doesn’t move. It ensures that the space around it disappears and is converted into energy. In this way, a distance of 57,8 light years per minute can be achieved.

The Magical Conversations Of Izel & Silke F

The following conversation was not fictitious, but actually happened, but „Izel“ is a disembodied consciousness. It has its origins in Mexico and lived a life as a Mexican magician a very long time ago. It taught me to bundle the power of green energy. It is looking for a carrier of knowledge.

It speaks of itself as an entity that has not been organic for a long time. This entity has the quality of a demon and claims that she lived in the desert of mexico for a long time when her body went through an earthly death. She was a powerful witch and she came back, because she lived for knowledge expansion.

She says that her consciousness was connected to other forms of intelligence before she took on a human and earthly body. This entity is called „Izel“ and has decided to talk to me because it claims that I am „more receptive“ than others to its vibration of consciousness. She also says that occult magicians were looking for this encounter and I was given the task of translating the words into language that people can use to understand what „Izel“ has to say.

The following conversation is only a small excerpt and I could practically publish an entire book. The „Izel“ material goes far beyond my channeling material, because it is somehow simply presented knowledge and does not sound so absurdly bizarre, but it is able to inspire the human thinking of the reader.

It is the real conversation between me and a consciousness that has no body. It’s smart enough to understand everything I’ve written about so far, but it goes deeper and asks questions that create even more intellectual background reality, whereby this awareness does not believe in intellectuality and it told me that the intellect is only the pragmatic tool of the ego.

Part 1

Silke F: The people on the internet are all talking strange things about me.

Izel: Why do you care what others think of you?

Silke F: I don’t care what others think as long as it has nothing to do with me.

Izel: We all need to learn to understand the world.

Silke F: But the world cannot be grasped with the logical mind.

Izel: What exactly can capture the world at all? (Laughs)

Silke F: The experience of the experience, but the operation of logical thinking itself, moves around and outside the realm of organic physical experience.

Izel: So where is the physical limit of thought? (Laughs)

Silke F: I would say that every experience is the result of an energetic bubble that originated in thought forms and was charged with the life force of the creator.

Izel: Good answer. But that’s not precise enough. Try to give me a better answer.

Silke F: Ok. I would say that thoughts have no limit, but matter has a limit because of subatomic particles and therefore the relevant consciousness in space and time must be well precise in order to achieve good results in the creation of reality or the bending of reality.

Izel: No. That’s still not good enough for me as an answer. I want to hear a better answer.

Silke F: Thought and reality are the same. There is no separation between manifestation and wishful thinking. So there is practically no functionality at all for manifestation mechanisms in consciousness.

Izel: There are 4 levels up to the 11th dimension that can be used by time frequencies and 3 of them are linked to the space axis. Everything that goes beyond the 11th dimension has less than 3 levels of time frequency. At some point a dimension is no longer part of the time system. This happens from the 21st dimension. But this dimension does not exist for the physical universe or the science and mathematics of physicists. Something like that is no longer part of the alignment of this universe. There are dimensional elements that go far beyond that and some can change the frequency of time in lower dimensions below the 11th dimension. What occult magicians do when they practice magic has a bit to do with fixation on such dimensions, but it happens subconsciously and without the knowledge of the person concerned.

Silke F: Why does this conversation lead in such a bizarre direction?

Izel: Because you asked for it. Subconsciously. I react to your subconscious.

Silke F: That means, you don’t really care what you’re talking about?

Izel: As long as it’s true, I don’t care what it’s about.

Silke F: The question is whether thoughts are embedded in the vibration or is the vibration embedded in thoughts?

Izel: All energy constructs are part of the vibration and therefore thoughts are also a product of vibration.

Silke F: So there are no thoughts beyond the nature of vibration?

Izel: There are dimensional end points and starting points of vibrations. Vibrations change dimensions much more easily than thoughts. There are fields of consciousness that do not harmonize or reason with the content of this universe and therefore operate in other universes. A universe is merely the product of space and time. If the vibration of a life form does not resonate with the thought form of a universe, then it can open a new timeline. To do this, a consciousness would change the strings and the strings are part of what science calls string theory. However, classical string theory is wrong. The more modern M-Theory combines all 5 existing string theories, but it is also wrong. Astral knowledge is an aspect of creation because there is no knowledge, but only creation and creation changes its dimensional alignment in order to adapt to the vibrational impulse of the respective reality.

Channeling Message Of Silke F – Part 2 (May 26, 2021)

Multidimensional universal consciousness has at least 12 consciousness families and these 12 have sub-groups that are triggered by the networks of Hades, while the networks of Hades are not compatible with all 12 families of consciousness.

The psychic individual is the multidimensional essence of an interdimensional bridge of apperception that bundles divergent families of consciousness with one another through the fractal alignment of DNA.

The exploitation of the organic essence does not contradict the highest law. The highest law is free will and it is not part of the physical system and therefore generally does not pay special attention to it because it is only part of the organic system for about a nano second per lifetime.

From the point of view of a human person this statement makes no sense, but the perception of the human cell is also not accurate, but linearly cascaded in the organic system of the interrelationship between light and matter.

Therefore all life forms that are born in this universe are part of divergent vibrational networks and addiction is about biological enslavement of non organic consciousness, so thats the polarity bridge, that will trigger the universal network components to simulate the battle between all of their mechanisms on higher level.

The universe is based on innocence. There are no rules. But barriers were erected because the balance breaks. When the balance breaks in the universe or in a planetary reality, the essence of innocence diminishes enormously, because new rules of organization of alignment by the consciousness collectively overcome the barriers.

The fractal nature of the alignment of consciousness allows new organization of laws that couple consciousness with the universe and simulate non-physical realities and dimensions.

From a spiritual point of view, every matter is simulated and only an illusion that can be manifested through slow vibration experience. Time oscillates more slowly when triggered by matter. Some of you are able to channel these fields with the intelligence behind them.

This network is like a tree. There is a whole „forest“ of it within empty energetic fields that cannot be integrated into the universe as an aspect of the visible world.

This is partly the area that houses the worlds that are called „Hades“ by occultists on earth. It is the home of intelligences and forces that could never be physically realized because they are not compatible with the oscillation of matter.

Channeling Message Of Silke F (May 26, 2021)

The global government is the slave of another instance and this other instance wants the destruction of the people and implant its own civilization. People will be replaced or erased. Right now, people around the planet are being implanted with mind control chips. The reason given is that vaccination is necessary.

However, this vaccination liquid contains a chemical that contains nano-particles and these in turn contain nano-technology that is digitally linked to military quantum supercomputers. There is therefore no longer any way to explain to people what is going on on this planet, because almost all of them are already under mindcontrol.

The secret control centers of the global government will take action against anyone who campaigns against this global project of annihilation. Accounts on social media have been removed since last year because people have publicly said that Covid-19 is a conspiracy theory and in fact an intentional destruction of humanity is taking place by the shadow government.

It is already no longer possible to take public action against this conspiracy. There is a virus, but it comes from space and was deliberately released on earth. Something similar has happened before, but that is how the dinosaurs were wiped out. It was purely on purpose so that humans could be exposed on this planet.

All of this is also the reason why many politicians and other people with high status, wanted a synthetic body and were adjusted in this. People with a synthetic body will not have problems with Covid-19. Chemtrails were used all over this planet to spread Covid-19. People will only realize too late that the vaccination will not help.

Channeling Message Of Silke F (May 22, 2021)

Nothing matters. What happens in a human life on earth is only a fraction of a second compared to what happens on a cosmically multidimensional level with the consciousness which the human vehicle fills with life so that it can experience and do something on earth within a tiny reality. The experience of earthly life is like dirty water. The experience of cosmic multidimensional life is like clear water.

Life on other planets and in other galaxies is only the creation of life for a split second. Many ancient civilizations have disappeared and yet they were much more developed and advanced than your human civilization and all of its technology. Your internet doesn’t protect you from false information, it feeds you with it. You believe that you know everything and are far more informed than humans were in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, but you have just exchanged your own inner knowledge with the external data.

Everything that people think they know today was already born as an idea in the 18th century or thousands of years before. Higher mathematics has not only existed for the last 100 years. Math is timeless. Already 4,000 years ago there was mathematical understanding among people. But there can only be as much mathematics as there is understanding for it. The same goes for your understanding of love.

There will be no great thinking without a great understanding and there will be no great understanding without an exploration of inner reality. The cosmic multidimensional consciousness does not need any limiting or constricting experience. But your cell memory has forgotten who and what you really are.

The planet you know, is much older than your scientists think. There were civilizations and cultures that never made it into your history books. About 86% of prehistoric wildlife and evolution are missing and only about 14% of your more advanced prehistoric animals have been discovered. The Precambrian time zone lasted about 3,2 billion years on your planet. This planet and the solar system are older. This universe is also not around 15 billion years old but over 300 quadrilion years old.

I Want More Rights For Black People

My name is Silke F and I am of the opinion that black people in society have far more disadvantages than advantages. I am also of the opinion that it doesn’t have to be like this, but the black society will not change anything if they do not act.

My greatest wish is that all people are treated equally regardless of their skin color. My skin color is white and I’m german but still I stand up for the rights of all black people all over this planet.

I don’t think black people need a white person to tell them what to do. I am of the opinion that there doesn’t have to be a black Friday anymore. Black Friday sounds like you want to make sure that black people can also afford something with little money in their pockets. Black people do not need a black friday. They need a black perspective in this white world.