Love & Harmony

Love and harmony are the keys that will support your chance to understand what you call reality on earth. Respect the nature and protect all animals that need help. Tigers may bite, attack and eat you, but they absolutly need your help and a general protection. The list of animals that need protection on earth, is almost endless and to long. It shouldn’t be like that on earth. Humans got for every problem excuses, so humans are not ready at all for multidimensional battles, if they aren’t ready for planetary battles. Humans also should stop their philosophy about demons, gods and aliens, because its wrong and not smart to talk about something that you don’t know. I am something that you probably would call a draco reptilian shapeshifter, but I also have pleiadian, cybergenetic and other genes. Do something with your short existence on earth and be full of love, harmony and enjoy every battle. Enjoy the morphing of your genes. Disconnecting the 2th strand from the 3th strand within the dna helix will clear the vampire attachment between these 2 strands within the helix because the 2th strand is the emotional helix dna stream thats consuming the 3th helix dna stream, which is the stream that the mind is using. So if you disconnect both from each other, your helix will be a lot more active and operate on levels that go far beyond the regular human standards.

The Introduction Of A New Dictatorship – Corona

„Corona“ is the organized destruction of the global economy and the introduction of a new dictatorship. Ridiculous new rules are imposed on every citizen worldwide and whoever has a different freedom of expression is suddenly a criminal and right-wing conspiracy theorist.

Understanding The Consciousness Of Evilness

There is no „higher“ entity-group, so there is no „lower“ entity-group. The concept of ultimate evil entity groups and love entity groups is wrong, worthless and useless. The are many invisible lifeforms and powers around every organic lifeform, including the homo sapiens species and what you all call intelligence, inspiration, knowledge or power, can be transplanted into a person. Everything is one. Knowledge is never isolated or deserved for just one system or species. The question is just, are you able to handle and deal with it. I don’t want to trivialize this, but demonic powers are a drill instructor selected by nature, who knows no mercy and has established trough hunger for destruction a absolutly dangerous purpose for a targeted lifeform and its incarnation – and Aleister Crowley did not made it. The winner will sacrifice himself, while the loser will be sacrificed by others and thats the difference between a loser and a winner. A soldier has his military drill instructors and a warrior soul has his demonic drill instructors. Both have to survive the missions. Experiencing the true power of new forms of energy, knowledge or suffering and dead are the price. Demons can act as your guardians or enemies. There are extraterrestrial demons, interdimensional and terrestrial demons. Some live in the desert and others near cities, forests or between the planets. You are all books that could ever exist. So you don’t need to read any books. Books are made from thoughts, but you are all thoughts in one form. Demons and evilness may seem cruel and bad, but this life is just a test and only a very short moment that will not destroy you. What was the first mental process in this galaxy? What will be the last mental process in this entire universe? And what mental process on this earth is not fused with the first and the last mental process in this galaxy or universe? You can’t think yourself outside the labyrinth because it will just open the door to a new labyrinth. Physical reality has 350,000 different frequencies that modulate each other on atomic, molecular and cellular level. Etherical reality has far over 1,050,000 different frequency modulations that are routing the quantum mechanics with 350,000 frequency factors to create reality.

Understanding The Warrior’s Path

„Change“ is just a fragment in time and time is just a fragment of infinity, while infinity again can’t be changed at all. The majority of all people think the same, feel the same and behave identically. That is the problem, because psychology then deduces what is normal and what is not. Aligning consciousness is more dangerous than consciousness based on individuality. The drama of life is the fuel of dark knowledge. The beauty of life is the fuel of bright insight. The psychological synthesis of knowledge from both sources forms the point of strength with which a foundation for the present can be built. Every human entity has to learn to overcome itself because it is still a young animal with horns and claws. The distorted reality of your own and externally imposed identity, will be no healthy trigger for this necessary transformation. Most people are like psychological clones, but actually also real clones get designed since a very long time and since the 50s the secret elite is doing illegal experiments. Mind transfer technology [MTT] is the reason for cloning of celebrities. If they don’t follow the rules, their mind will go trough a transfer and end up with no memory in a new body that looks identical. They can also put you into a cybernetic synthetic body. But thats a different process and more advanced. You also can use the body of someone else and choose what memory you desire to use or abuse. Some particles can use physical parts to join a chain of multidimensional operators that collect the spin sequences of time chambers inside the physical geometry of the planetary vortex. The 49th octave is the end of the third dimension, so invisible lifeforms are with absolute guarantee part of the 50th octave, which actually is the beginning of the 4th dimension. The human body is connected with one or multiple octaves between 1 and 49. The thoughts are outside the range between 1 and 49 and property of a higher octave beyond 49 thats part of the lower density of 4th dimension. From a mathematical point of view, body and mind comprise 99 octaves, because the octaves 1 to 49 are the physical 3th dimension and the octaves 50 to 99 and beyond are part of the 4th and higher dimensions. You can express consciousness trough a simple mathematical equation. Demons and other evil forces are actually hyperdimensional psychologists. They test your mental capacity. The idea and concept of evilness is destruction without mercy or compassion. The funny truth is that death and suffering are hyperdimensional illusions.

Occult Algorithms VS GHSV

If you decompress a consciousness cube fractal with the quantum amplitude of 24 cells, you can multiply 24 cells into infinity outside the E8 offset. All mathematical theories are wrong. Why? Let me explain. Because „0“ (Zero) is equal to „Nothing“, so its actually not a number, because 0 + 0 is 0. The general mistake starts therefore if you put „1“ and „0“ together and say that „10“ is a „different“ number. Conspiracy theory is everything that the government isn’t accepting as a knowledge, so the private and also individualistic knowledge is suddenly a conspiracy theory. The government is the institute of lies. The secret elite behind the government deserved a slap in the face from everyone. The elite is the lie and the government is the joke. People only move in physical reality, but people don’t move in mental reality. Humans just use the non organic offset to say they use their mental reality, but all they do is fight against the lie of using their Illusions of a non organic truth versus a organic truth. The world is like a plant. You have parasites that take life. You have fire [Sun] that creates life. The etherical awareness of a plant is low, but its there and a telepathy between plants and humans is possible. You even can use plants as a translator to contact the forces of the sun, because plants have a vortex and a „Einstein-Rose Bridge“ (in germany its called „Einstein-Rosen Brücke“). Its actually a wormhole. Nature ghosts of earth and other planets or dimensional gates, can share, modify, upload and download your GHSV [g-host shell vortex]. Everything is a filter, receiver and simulated algorithm of host shells. Identity is just a script of occult algorithms. The queen of england is a occult algorithm and she will be born in poland in her next incarnation on this small water planet and she is in this short life just a small translator for the big draconian authority empire thats far away from the galaxies around your little solar system. Behind the draconian empire is the higher authority of technology that was created to design a closed universe with fire walls. The end of the universe is a memory removement trap technology [its used to erase souls and memory of multiple incarnations] and there is also a interface wall of fire, because only synthetic sun’s are there and everything is very compressed, so nothing can get in or out of this universe and find its way into the outer areas. The outer areas are full with technology thats able to design the inside of the universe. The pleiadian, human and other species are therefore the slaves of the ones that control the outer world areas and there are 4 worlds that only demonic and etherical lifeforms will use, to get out of the prison of the inside universe on physical levels. Actually everything is one and there are no different species, but the „CAOHR“ („Converter Algorithm Of Host Reality“) is the solution for simulated and non simulated evolutions.

You Are Not In This World To Be Average

Every cell of your body is a universe and all your cells build up your multiverse. The size of your timeline is equal to the amount of micro reality lines that you can choose or design to operate with your energy body outside physical laws. This is the path to operate trough natural energy expression and enable the talent of multidimensional magick. You can reach different levels of expression to reach out for the universe and you can decode your expression into a language that the Universe can translate into energy and this is quantum magick. Don’t worry, because only a fool will worry and you don’t need to be a fool to express yourself trough expansion. Everything is about expanding into a authority for yourself, but you can miss this point and be the slave of a different authority if you encode the wrong path over and over again. You can implant the universe into a single cell and replicate it trough a black hole virus to install the memory of every lifeform into your energy vortex and this can happen if you consume the energy trough interdimensional encoding thats going far beyond your country, this planet, solar system and galaxy.

Medical Virus Analysis Of Silke F

My name is Silke F and I worked in a laboratory and hospital. In my free time I publish my compositions, messages and paintings. I will explain it in simple words, because most people will not have a good or any medical understanding. Nearly all DNA is used for genes. The solution to save humanity and destroy the corona virus is to burn certain factors away that the virus needs, like the negative and positive strands of the host protein E4 13 KD“ (HAdVAAgp28), to make it weak and re-splice its viral capsid encoding of the mRNA over VP2, VP3 and VP1 proteins. A virus can modify the way how its encoding proteins in the host, which is the body. SV40gp3, SV50gp4 and SV40gp5 feed the viral capsid and encode trough mRNA splicing the VP2, VP3 and VP1 proteins. You need to know that RNA viruses only can encode limited numbers and types of proteins inside the human DNA, but ssRNA viruses work again different. The host is in this case the human body. The encoding of proteins is in this case the trigger thats making a infection possible. The corona virus is a animal virus and it can’t survive heat. It needs certain factors to grow, survive and reproduce, so if you burn certain factors away with microwaves, the virus will be destroyed. The problem is that people need these certain proteins to encode their own DNA. I don’t talk about normal proteins like „L-Arginine“, „Isoleucine“ or „Lysine“. I talk about types of proteins like „E4 13 KD“ (HAdVAAgp28), so its about deeper components of protein categories that you don’t find in food and they build up special encoding processes of RNA and DNA. Billions of encoding processes enable millions of other genetic processes. Its a controlled and constant transformation. The virus replication needs to be controlled by the host, which is the human body, to stop the growing and expanding of the positive or negative virus strands.