Psychological Reality Is More Than Just A Complex AI Playground Fantasy

Emotions are not there to fix problems, but to feel problems and thoughts are there to fix them. If you want peace, get free from thoughts, because thoughts will only increase your capacity to solve problems, that generate a boosting of simulated learning curves trough drama and tragedy, if you are under influence of the AI hive mind control technology thats coming from the sky and ocean. The chemical element „Sodium“ has the atomic number 11, which means that it has 11 protons and gold has 70 protons, so sodium has less protons and is therefore more able to boost interdimensional quantum streams than gold and thats the reason why sodium is used in black and white magick, but gold has also qualities that operate on dimensional levels. In this interdimensional realm, everything is possible and the more interdimensional realms you can design in your reality zone, the more power your thoughts have. Witchcraft is just the ancient term for this. Humans of the „Homo Sapiens“ type, have in very little amounts, also gold in their body and this helps them increase the body/mind connection, but there are also lifeforms, that just look like normal humans, but they aren´t in any way related to human evolution and some of them work in deep underground military bases on this earth in highly advanced laboratory scientific buildings on designing new genes for humans and some of these new genes, that are synthetic by the way, will be used for chemtrails, because chemtrails are interdimensional routed with the energy particles that activate human dna, which makes many new things possible. Some are good, some are bad. Most planes are holographical projections because they already are a product of other chemtrails. Its about the design of a holographical reality. Chemical elements are used, but also very exotic technology, thats not inside the chemtrails, but hacking them, from other places in the galaxy, but also from other places in the dimensions. A fantasy reality construct, is more and more, what will be produced, because almost all animals and humans will be destroyed in about 140 years on this version of earth trough nuclear wars. They will pull this reality and earth the next few years into another dimension to save it, but they will not take everyone, so there will be a earth 1 („Negative“), earth 2 („Positive“) and earth 3 („Destroyed“). Its possible to design technology devices that create proton modulation with less than 9 protons and thats what I would call „Black Modulation“ of portal technology. „Cybergenetic Units“ exist among humans, that operate trough such technology and they can open and close interdimensional portals. You can imagine these „CGU Devices“ (Cybergenetic Unit Devices) like a „Belt“ that people use for the pants thats to big. Portal and time travel technology are the clothes that people wear, so you don´t see a difference and no vehicle or anything. You just see how people disappear or appear in someones sleeping room or wherever. Interdimensional travel technology is operating trough hacking of time A and B sequences. Time A and B sequences are recording devices on quantum level 1 + 2, but not on level 3, because quantum level 3 is part of a very different system thats not available for the dimensions from this universe. Neurons and the organic consciousness, use time A and b, but the soul uses time C. Time C is the real and objective time of nature, but the simulated quantum level 1 + 2 are overwriting the real and objective nature of time A and B, so data changes backwards in time. Aug Tellez was choosen by very special groups. His knowledge is coming to him trough streaming the collective intelligence outside this earth, because middle earth is connected with the collective intelligence outside the earth, but not all areas inside and under earth surface are part of each other on social levels. There are many different species and also human that live inside the earth. There are no demons existing, but there is far away from this solar system, a very dangerous and evil authority thats interested to control everything, because these forces are going the wrong path. Everyone can choose if he goes the positive or the negative path, because free will is to a small and certain amount possible. A good example was the evil Adolf Hitler time on earth, because its showing, what happens, if little groups of people, grow big enough to create empires, that grow big enough, to transform into a tool for very dangerous and other forces. Everything is one and connected, so every positive and every negative thought, idea, feeling, behaviour, construct, experience and energy – will shape the multidimensional and interdimensional reality behind multiple other realities, so „everything“ is possible, always. Its always a game of finding balance and the game of evolution has many zones that need to be mastered for everyone. The government isn´t that much involved or advanced as most people on internet say. There are so many other ultradimensional forces that also monitor everything that the government is doing. Even normal humans can monitor trough remote viewing a lot. Nobody needs always to talk about aliens and secret societies, because these things are not even that intense. Its more like a very slow process. Everyone is on the watchlist and this is including absolutly everyone in all universes. There is another system and its very different. Lifeforms that come from this other system, have a complete incompatible quantum field, which makes it possible for them to transform into every animal, human, mythological monster or even something else and they live in superdimensional cubes that are streamed into this universe. They designed the „Reality-Cube Essence“ for what you on earth would call „Anunnaki“ or „Draco“. They don´t have a constant flow of what humans would call visual appearance, so their visual appearance looks for the most part extremly demonic and terrifying. A humand would end up in hospital and problably end up in psychiatry if he would see one of the lifeforms that humans call „Anunnaki“ and „Draco“. They look very similar to a demon thats holographical, but morphing from one form into another, able to use every existing genetic profile thats available in this universe, because the quantum cache streamed inside them. They are very different from everything thats existing and extremly dangerous. There are no words to describe how dangerous they are. If they don´t like what you say or do on earth, they just need to have the intention and you will have accidents or get killed. Some people on this earth have dna thats related to the more organic version of them, thats part of something else again, but they would not care, so the Queen and other elite members are just little puppets for them and nothing more. There is not honor. The idea of kings and queens comes from little puppets that think, they do a fantastic job for them, but actually the highest elite – is just the kindergarten zone of evolution – and nothing else. These other forces would never respect anyone thats doing what they want, but if you go against them, you´re just like walking with a friendly smile and a good heart – into a cruel group of very aggressive tigers that will tear you in little pieces because they don´t respect the idea of respect. They are actually very inhuman and not what you would call friendly, nice or chilled. They see time as their castle. So if you use time, because you exist and navigate trough incarnation cycles, these forces will see you as a problem thats trying to break into their multidimensional and interdimensional castle. Its very complicated to explain 1:1 without distortion, how their mind works, to make it easy for humans to understand. These forces are living millions of years, but they use time C, which is not the time that this universe here is using. So they can operate without using time A and B, to modify realities in any galaxy thats part of this universe. They see all zones in this universe as their property, so humans also are seen as their property. They design synthetic realities and a lot more. They monitor everyone and everything and even this message, that you read now. From a logical perspective, it sounds like a very stupid fantasy thought, but its a fact of highest order. Solar system time is part of time level 1 and 2. Level 1 means inside time. Level 2 means outside time. If the inside time is faster than outside time, your quantum stream is aging faster and if inside time is slower than outside time, your quantum stream is aging slower. Some people with time quantum level 3 will incarnate inside this universe trough data stream conversion. These people will never be a part of the quantum stream of this universe because their quantum mechanisms are incompatible, so their appearance will do what some people call „Shapeshifting“. Also and thats another fact, these people will go trough this world here, like its a dream. This does not mean that everything will run wonderful all the time for them, no, because they are been monitored by something that I would call „Time Control Groups“. They operate outside this matrix and quantum field in sectors that are not part of the simulated reality field. So these people that monitor them, are not humans from inside the matrix, but humans from outside the reality of the simulated world matrix on planet earth. People from earth could call the „Pleiadians“ or something else, but they are what they are, „Watchers“, that work on highly advanced reality projects with scientific background goals, that are highly complicated. Some of these „Watcher Groups“ work on projects to go back in time, to create a new time line, from this universe into another one, to implant historical portals on interdimensional levels. Some of these groups do other stuff. Not everything they do is positive or light and love orientated. Some projects are about installing thought implants in humans to get a certain effect that other groups can use for other projects. Its – extremly – wrong to use terms like „Aliens“ or „Hybrids“, because nobody is pure, the entity that he is. Everyone is part of something else. Everything works together. Nothing is isolated. The only thing that can isolate is a quantum system thats so different that it can´t be compatible and if you see people that shapeshift, you just see a quantum field thats not compatible with this universe. Nothing else. Its a proof that human simulation is possible, even if its not human at all. Human appearance, but a shapeshifting visual anomaly, will only demonstrate instability of „whats there and whats not there“ and its always changing in these cases. Thats all, because the core configuration, is not coming from this universe, its a very alien like quantum behaviour in nature. Some have less and some more of this. In some cases the eyes can become vertical slits and in other cases the complete body can morph into a demonic looking figure. Hell is not existing. Its not a place. Everything is just a thought. But the idea was to give every thought a visual reality output. So there is a lot more out there on this earth than humans that are Homo Sapiens, because some just look human, but are not Homo Sapiens. The alien conspiracy is less complicated if you know what is happening. Aliens are lifeforms that don´t exist on earth. If unknown intelligent lifeforms are on this earth and playing their secret games, its very possible, that this isn´t something special at all. Try to look at this case from a different perspective. Good and people people exist everywhere. The same goes for good and bad dogs. Also, the same goes for the lifeforms that humans like to call aliens. I wouldn´t call them aliens, but its a big subject and many different groups, species and ideas work on this planet. Humans are not even the big players in this universe. There are so many different players in this universe that humans are just something like insects for these players if you compare humans with these players 1:1. Military technology on earth is actually not that far as most people think and the few cool highly advanced toys that earth military has, are for the most part just the product and idea of a few super intelligent humans or the ones that use humans to destroy humans by giving humans destructive technology ideas trough inspiration, dreams, channelings or hypnosis. You will hear only from another genius scientist, but actually its a installed idea, from a highly different genetic evolution, because inorganic forces can design thoughts in humans since millions of years and this can be a good thing or a bad one. Not everything is bad or dark. Its really not like that, but there is a lot going on behind the global awareness on this planet. Demons don´t exist, but life exists that has no body, so some of these forces like to find a body and they use possession. These choose in many cases people with a extremly bad life or people with a extremly good life, because both extremes, can give them energetic the full peak of feelings that are pure horror or pure joy. This actually may sound crazy, but from a human perspective, to understand it as the reader of this document, imagine watching a movie to forget yourself – and you absolutly have what I´m talking about. Some of these so called demons can be very nice, positive and even protect you, while others can be the opposite, but thats just nature. Its normal and nothing like hell, because everything that exists, is part of all that is and nothing should be seen as something thats not part the rest, because everything is part of, at least, something else and in the end, everything is everything. There is nothing like a god. The idea of god and gods was implanted by ETs and they are actually just different from earth evolution and the difference of the biology is bigger than the difference of the mind if you compare them with humans. Not all ETs are highly advanced, but the ones that are, have a very human like mind nature. This may sound strange because the average matrix reality human is a beer drinking, porn watching and stupid talking, sad clown, but thats just because humans are going with the flow of this sad reality thought implant. Just think about the few people that got the inner rainbow light. Some people, even in the industry of film and music, know very well, what is going on. Not all, but some know a lot. But actually there is no limit of knowledge. The life of a human is just not long enough to gain big knowledge. Humans need 20 years to make a few smaller experiences and by the age of 35 humans made a few big experiences that are for the most part a drama, so by the age of 40, the life will get more relaxed. The young ages are more wild. Knowledge will only grow in quiet silence. Not in chaos. Hate will grow in chaos if peace is not available and knowledge not around. The human mind is not limited in any way, but most people act like a drunk donkey all day. So the reader may can understand why it was so easy to manipulate the human evolution for millions of years. Its really not that complicated, but in the end, nothing is complicated and everything is making perfect sense, even if things happend that shouldn´t happen, like very sad historical tragedies. The mystery is the abusing of power that people use – without understanding that bad things will stay forever, because you can´t delete trauma. Evilness makes no sense and the ones that support evilness, should stop it. Evilness makes absolutly no sense. The drama of these earth time lines are the quantum loops because they increase and boost just a certain frequency, so this will design a new dimensional disaster, but the split of earth in 3 different versions will solve this very complex problem of soul recycling. This is not the voice of god. Its the simple voice of a individual and all individuals are one. The voice of truth makes no difference between the friendly sad homeless guy that sleeps under the bridge in winter and the arrogant evil queen in her castle. Your thoughts define the difference. Actually everyone is one and equal to the rest, but the physical reality is a density thought that can be shaped by inverted entropy into chaos of a very evil shadow. Killing is more then just destroying life and many people are killed already but still alive, but a empty seed that can be used as a slave for inverted entropy. Love is not enough and you need a lot more then just love. Its simple and not complicated. Nothing special is needed to understand truth or specific theories. Adults have a difficult time to understand complex physics. Children understand reality a lot better. They also understand that its absolutly legal that everyone can have his own reality. A child can talk to a invisible friend. A adult can do the same. The point is that there is a big difference between adults and children and this difference is limiting the GOA [Ghost Of All], because the ghost of all is a fresh new term and thats what adults need. The child of the universe is a child with the ghost of thousand wise old wizards. What is a child of the universe? Not everyone is a child of the universe because most lifeforms are coming into existence already as ghost shells with all the negative adult essences that do not contain start elements, but only multidimensional EE-Informations („End Elements“) and new fresh energy intelligence of SE-Informations („Start Elements“) is just available in ghost shells that are not already at the start finished. Adult resonance essences are not good because adults go for lust, control and order in a very destructive way. Child resonance essences are clear, chaotic and free in a constructive way, but adults do not always accept the view of children. Speaking with ghosts and invisible friends around you in the park or somewhere else, could bring a child into trouble, if adults would see it talking while nobody seems to be around at physical level. You all need to understand the simple things. You don´t need complex books about quantum physics. Nobody needs to learn how to become a genius. You all are already one. You just don´t know it because some of you think they are a fragment of crazy, stupid, chaotic energy thats going always into the wrong directions in life, but the truth is that this existence here is only one of multiple others, that you can not access, but others can access you in other worlds. Nobody is always extremly wrong or stupid in all worlds, just in some, but the point is that everything is a playground of energy. This universe is a playground for energy and the problem starts when other children come into this scene to take away the higher meaning of this playground. Torture and suffering are not good and its not a good thing to hurt someone. Most lifeforms, including most humans and most hybrids, understand that every form of life is deserving love, compassion and respect, but not all are able to understand. Its like asking psychopaths why they hurt little animals to enjoy the suffering. Psychopaths do not understand the idea of morals, compassion, love and higher logic and thats a big problem, because children and animals get abused. The illusion is a playground and time is giving space to events that create a reality rendering, but time is only existing for physical systems, so ghost fragments can always talk to you from different areas, sections and corners of the universe. Its not necessary to call the universe a multiverse, because its anyway a lot more then a multiverse. Its in the end a white paper with infinite space, if you want to see it not trough the eyes of a scientist. Systems that are not physical, do not use the concept of time. The design of this universe was created by converting it down trough rendering its construction capacity from a not physical dream of very fast light into a physical nightmare of very slow darkness, so everything was shaped into time events and each after another. The creator of the universe could be described as god, but actually it was just a helping hand, to save the physical dream. The universe was a long time ago in a very bad shape because of negative entropy and chaos of a very evil demonic disorder behaviour on multidimensional level. Many lifeforms and forces tried to help and do something about the end of the universe. So they created a new universe and projected it into the old one, which created a double layer universe. This was your god creator and his message was love, harmony, higher meaning, compassion, empathy, understanding each other and everything, freedom and higher order. Be happy if you are a real person. Many people are not anymore the same person. You do not see the changes easy. There are many ways to modify a real person into a synthetic version. Technology of nightmare fantasy is available for ultra rich elite clubs that work together with secret hospitals that produce human androids. Some contain biological parts, some don’t and in some cases just the mind was transplanted into a new body. So much is possible. Synthetic people got no mechanical parts and get designed in laboratory of special hospitals, special doctors put them together. They got no soul but a transfered mind with memory of the clones that the doctors used to design them. Their skin is simulating organic nature, but they can not see with their eyes, because they got synthetic eyes and neurons that produce little self awareness so they often produce errors of behaviour and thats the reason why they need to be controlled and mk’ed by special doctors and security guards that remote control them with technology.


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