The Shadow Of Courage

Courage, thats for the ugliness of pejorative labeling, because unsightly loss of control is more desirable than any regulative aesthetics. It is therefore challenging to replace the perplexus of perpendicular time passions in the sense of the unfolding power by the power of a still unfounded joy, so the eyes are the ultimate sense of human development in the false mirror of spiritual surrealism. The sense of beauty and aesthetics comes from a very recent evolution. Evolution is a means of unfolding traditional patterns to break new rules inside a spiritual surrealism. If this succeeds, something new is created, although it is useful, and therefore there must be a kind of utility of the unknown within the traditionality of basic genetic patterns in the fundamental nature of nature. The perceived impressions can be a generative false memory mirror and more complex and abstract in nature, but often „diametrically“ opposed to the traditional and genetic collective pattern inside spiritual surrealism, as well as in their basic workings, which is something completely different from the appearance of their nature in itself, which is beyond the goal of quantum streams, so its sensual nature reacts with biological taunting and is more shaped like a cynical geometry of psychology for the mind that guides them more or less. The task of the human mind, on the other hand, is not shaped in any cynical context, for the human mind is merely a navigator and everything he generates is surreal. Because everything is illusion, the spirit does not actually create anything. He just navigates. The mind navigates the alignment and calibrates the adjustment of the most dominant frame of reference which takes the most of the focus.


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