Magical Zoo Of Multidimensional Gate Keeper Entropy

The occult nature of vampirism as a magical playground of the elite, was originally created because of the dead spirit of the society and that happens whenever the spirit of a society is dead. Humans created something like a zombie society. Not all are part of it, but most people are just zombies that don’t think about reality or society and what they do is full of hate, violence or ignorance. All the joy for cool technology will not help human society. Man has become his own prison. Outside this prison are the higher and lower density gate keepers. Genetically speaking, it is not easy to change collectively into a beneficial direction if the whole process is based on making mistakes to have the kind of collective evolution that spirituality allows. Spiritual lessons can break someone. That’s why people need to be protected from knowledge if it goes beyond certain levels. Knowledge can be dangerous if the personality behind it is bad, under influence or not wise, so the splitting of the atom was such a realization that one really should have avoided. The human world has no meaning when subordinated to a god or religions, because it then serves something else as a symbol and this symbolic element is a psychologically determined historical trap and therefore so problematic that no aspect of man bites the demonic facade beyond the superficial known reality of humans. The best is to stay away from religion, ideology and dogma. Demonic quality is real, but everyone can have it and there is no species like demons, its more like, what humans would call demonic ultra violent intelligence behaviour, is actually only a lifeform essence that was created by the negative entropy, thats having of course, a ultra violent behaviour for the diametral other side, which is the consequence of logical order and constructive harmony. Its a big world and many different ones exist inside and outside multiple realms. It does not matter if something does not emit light because it does not depend on which side of the spectrum an energy comes from, but for which side it decides. A cycle within the fourth density is 90,000 years of evolution. Man populates an upper one octave of the third density and so the human race as a race in linear time corresponds to approximately 75,000 years evolution. Its genetic time may differ and differ differentiated from its inorganic time correspond to different aspects within the linear time, but different constructs of time exist, plus some with multiple matrix glitches, so time is a open source code, that can be modified on multidimensional levels. The logarithmic mind is an aspect of mortal reason. At the moment of his birth into the physical system, the earthling gains a second spirit, which for life on earth is better suited than its original spirit. DNA is never private property. Man is one medical vessel for its DNA within the simulated reality of a holographic computer system, but the simulation and holographic matrix prison is just part of lower density. Higher density lifeforms have no problem with negativity and suffering, so some of them, do not even know how dangerous their energy can be for the earthlings or lower density intelligence. The concept of „Fallen Light“ is coming from this consequence. What humans call since thousands of years is only the dangerous aspect of powers that are not used or at all compatible to make sense for earthlings, so much more is always involved from all kind of directions and a level of intelligence that human brains can not observe. Thats the dangerous aspect and the occult magick that Aleister Crowley enjoyed, will not make sense on a longer time scale, because its like walking at night into the jungle to do a more or less complex mission. A lot observation and control of time is happening and every earth has TLCG’s („Time Line Control Groups“) for this reason and human DNA is often cleaved off from military systems of parallel systems and other timelines or realities for experimental research, it provides for many other time lines, genetic premises for their own DNA or, under certain conditions, for foreign DNA through the physiological apparatus.


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