Quantum Synthesis

Humans possess telepathically acting “Pyramidal Cells” and in fact they are called scientific because they look like pyramids and in humans this area is responsible for neuronal motor activity and movement, but also in other animals. Some animals do not have this area. The gallium docks the Eye/AI -system via digital nano-bots to the “Nucleus Caudatus” and telepathically controls a whole human and other races via interdimensional bio-synthesis quantum supercomputers, which also includes glycopeptide GP120 as a implanted process into the system in the hacked body and infect cells with a CD4 receptor. In the human species, the “Caudate Nucleus” suffers or blocks receptivity between external and internal, because it is a kind of “Horus” and “Anubis”, so it affects the multidimensional a bit because it is a kind of medically neuronal “Portal Guardian” in the CNS of the human and CNS means central nervous system. However, especially successful individuals in evolution often have a particularly difficult time. Their superiority makes them the enemy of the elite and the system in which they operate on historical level. Quantum soul-synthesis is routed with human dna and based on terrestrial gravity influences, which means that the gauge symmetry you use on earth for your quantum synthesis, urges completely different premises for the interaction between the quantum used by humans and the mind associated with it. The evil is involved in the destruction of quality of life. Autopilot-Mode souls, exist and live in the temporary cache around organic wave functions, so they live in a synthetic portal because it’s not a natural portal, because natural portals use different coordination points that can be calculated by interdimensional trigonometry, but there is not yet such a branch of higher mathematics on this earth because interdimensional trigonometry is more than just very complex. Elitist circles are not involved in the true power structure of planet earth, because they are subtly misdirected in the wrong direction by those for whom they perform ceremonies and rituals, without noticing that they are their little puppets. The highest elite of all empires on earth is not very smart or intelligent, because they don´t know the bigger picture, so they do not at all understand the puzzle, were they are orchestrated into via data automatisation of their soul trough soul recycling and mind replacement technology, which is something thats very different from mind and dna transfer technology. This universe is actually a nearly 80% simulated multiverse as a portal for a temporary cache of property for simulated souls in which the movement of time can exist and portals never travel back to the identical starting point. People have shadows, but sometimes, shadows have people. Time and behaviour or concepts also can have a shadow within the genetic library of time. Some people operate surrounded by darkness, because they learned how to become their own source of light, but these people will be sometimes called, the ones that are demonic shadows, because most people operate only surrounded by external fire that brings a pre-defined light. The source of evil is the freedom to do anything and therefore freedom needs a limit so that the good can arise. Surprises only exist for the naive fighter, but they don’t exist for a true warrior. You are part of particles that are billions of years old and future constructs are already part of what you are now and your particles are extracting things that you not even feel or see in this world, so you all are much more and not the frequency field, you see in the mirror. I am what you see in me because I’m just a white empty paper and I am whatever someone else is painting or writing, but thats a natural curse for everyone. People and generations are written the same way, like a book of lies and wrong interpretations, to generate false truth. Its not important in life to make other people like you. Important is that you like yourself.


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