Soul is an etheric umbilical cord that connects every spirit you have had in other lives, so that knowledge and experience from other incarnations and forms of existence, always have current access to the current form of existence and can also be downloaded. Mind is the interdimensional code that someone has to enable a connection to the soul hyperdimensional, which is why mind and soul are not in the body, but outside of the physical construct and the respective frequency patterns, which is why soul and mind are not empirically verifiable or detectable. Clones and synthetics therefore don’t have a soul and no ethical knowledge, so if humans are more and more replaced by clones and synthetics, this planet will more and more turn into a nightmare of violence, hate, ignorance and stupid behaviour. This nightmare is already happening and most people are not able to understand because they are already changed. The few ones that still have a soul and a mind, will be considered from the time authorities, a anomaly, be on hyperdimensional levels harassed, attacked and end as a targeted individual. Its a very complicated world here on this version of earth and only a few ones are here that really still have the right understanding of reality.


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