The End Of Everything

Satanism is freeing the mind from the chains of biblical herd mentality and pulling the unknown to you so you can move outside the matrix of the simulated laws of the world and experience the real law of the worlds within your will because the law of the laws is the nature of multidimensional, hyperdimensional and interdimensional configurations of inversions that are free from the chains of physical simulated reality laws. Satanism is pulling you outside the matrix, while the bible is pulling you into the matrix to tell you, be a brave slave of reality, whatever others create for you as a reality. Nobody needs chains or to be a slave of a matrix reality. Step outside the zone and become a living god, while the brave matrix slaves are still searching for a god. Matrix slaves will call you a demon and a witch, because your knowledge is coming from reality zones that are far outside the matrix. Digital technology seems to be fantastic, but its useless and worthless in the context of larger time scales, for the human version of evolution, because humans will not be here forever and there are other lifeforms that know this very well, so they don’t care and control a lot things that human scientists don’t understand. 7 million years ago, humans did not exist on earth and in 7 million years, humans will be gone, since a long time. All the fantastic discussions and all great knowledge will be useless in the end and only make a good impression at this time. The souls will navigate trough other systems or incarnate back into the time of human evolution. So its a time loop which is what the gatekeepers observe and control so much because they see that human evolution is only possible at a certain time in this quality. Other times, after and before human evolution, are not that interesting for many gatekeepers, because all the souls want to get a human body and you only can have one in these times of human evolution, so its repeating over and over again, like a time loop, for the multidimensional designers of time lines and the ones that should be called gatekeepers. There are to many souls and not enough bodies to navigate trough incarnation on physical levels. So cloned people are sometimes full with multiple souls, but still empty inside. The idea of creating clones was to build a new home for souls because not enough incarnated bodies exist on earth. Nobody wants to come back to this place. But outside this physical earth realm is not much that feels like a home and its like walking on the dark side of the moon to find someone or something to feel happy, loved or entertained.


2 Kommentare zu „The End Of Everything

  1. Satanism may lead you outside this falling matrix but it is only a shortcut to an ever-diminishing life inside the black hole matrix that connects to the center of the Milky Way, and which happens to be the source of our problems in the first place.

    Gefällt mir

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