Angels & Demons

Angels are so innocent, that they don’t learn something. Demons don’t have a cybergenetic network of genes that create their reality and could learn more, because they are less innocent. But nobody is learning something and therefore expansion of expression will be the learning curve of the universal network. I don’t like the meaning of the word demons because it is linked to negative meanings that have long religious meanings but are actually nonsense and for no reason part of human awareness concepts that make no sense. People tend to blame demons but actually it is the people themselves who cause the problems and the bad in the world and therefore they have found a scapegoat and they call this scapegoat invisible demons. Not everyone has the honor of having demons around them and that is like enjoying a very strict upbringing and it is better because if parents do not love a child then it does not matter what the child does and the child does not enjoy any upbringing if the child enjoys a strict upbringing then it means that the parents recognize a lot that is important to him or about the child’s development and demons are much older than the biological parents of a child on a planet. Demons also know much more about the actual development of a person and soul because they know beyond the planet and beyond the incarnation the meaning of a person on a planet. People need what they call the matrix and if they could look behind the matrix then they would see monsters and demons and creepy figures everywhere but on the other hand the matrix is an interface and the human brain needs the matrix to function normally. All people would go nuts if the matrix were no longer there and that would feel and look like they had taken LSD and that’s why people need the matrix and Lucifer and Lilith invented the matrix and that’s why the system is built with the support of demons.

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