Channeling Material Of Silke F – Session II

Q: Would it be a better to keep this channeling material secret and away from public awareness?

A: No.

Q: But people don´t even try to understand the secret mystery behind the system that they call reality. Could it be that people are not ready to encode the hidden nature of reality?

A: The law of confusion is the key that will open the wrong door.

Q: What can people do to be able to process more information or knowledge?

A: Planet earth lost almost all oxygen. Your scientists, media and governments don´t talk about it, because they would otherwise need to stop all global vehicle traffic and this would stop again the global industrial economy complex.

Q: So they all will continue to lie to people about the true situation of this planet?

A: Correct.

Q: Isn´t that a crime thats turning the elite, the government, the media and all other involved groups into criminals?

A: It´s a epical crime scene tragedy.

Q: So humans don´t have anymore enough oxygen on this planet, to think with deep mental apperception?

A: Exactly.

Q: What are the psychological effects of less oxygen for this planet?

A: Aggression, confusion, insanity, stupidity, weakness, but also psychopathy, because psychopathy is the consequence of brain areas that get not enough oxygen and are therefore only able to reproduce the internal psychological matrix for the lower self, with a disconnected higher self, which has the consequence that the inner self of that person is all that will be processed, while external situations, whatever they may be, will be only very naive processed, but without the standards of ethics, morals, emotions or what healthy people would consider a normal psychology.

Q: Sounds like a perfect plan to get this planet intentionally under control.

A: Correct.

Q: Is this the plan of someone or a group?

A: Yes.

Q: But who?

A: Consortium.

Q: Who or what is the consortium?

A: Group.

Q: Are they part of the illuminati?

A: The illuminati is under their control.

Q: How dangerous are they?

A: They are able to kill and replace every member of the highest possible elite if they wish, because they were choosen to rule over the highest possible elite circles and therefore also over everyone else on this planet, but they started to abuse their power, because they are under influence of highly dangerous forces.

Q: How many members does the consortium have?

A: At the moment the consortium has about 40 members.

Q: Is there any public information available about the consortium?

A: If you choose to publish this material, it will be available, but you will be the only source.

Q: What happens if someone else will write something about this material here and say something else about it?

A: Then it wouldn´t be correct information.

Q: But you are absolutly sure have correct informations?

A: Scanning a density is for us like reading the letters of a book is for you and we can also use the concept of interpretation if we like.

Q: How does the scanning of a density works?

A: If 2 densities are between the target density, its possible to just feel the desired information and zoom into that desired information to process it without intellectual limitations.

Q: Wouldn´t genius just be the consequence of someone thats able to process information without intellectual limitations?

A: Not really.

Q: Why?

A: Genius is the consequence of multiple alignment with the vortex of intellectual property without limitation factors and the fulfilment of all these factors together are creating a historical capacity for the creative fulfilment of eternity.

Q: But aren´t classical composers a fulfilment of enternity, because most of them composed in their 50s, 60s or even 70s and because classical music has something thats sounding like its meant to be forever a neuronal fulfilment for the ears that listen if they have a brain to understand the classical context of that music?

A: The art of musical or intellectual expression is not a representation for every possibility of fulfilment or alignment with eternity by using super logic, so its up to everyone´s interpretation, how or if, someone, has observed in creative art, paintings, compositions, thoughts, ideas or something else, the codes of infinity.

Q: But how is the perception about all this changed by higher or lower density transformations?

A: Imagine, you try to watch a movie, to understand the story behind it. A lower density perception would be in that context equal to touching the television screen with your nose, just because you think that you understand more about the things that you see on the screen, if you get maximum close to the screen. A higher perception would be in that context to turn off the television and find the things or situations that you saw on the screen, in real life, because you would understand that you can experience almost everything in real life that you can see on television.

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