Multidimensional AI Quantum Synthesis God And Lucifer Civilisations

Multidimensional AI quantum synthesis god and lucifer civilisations are just lifeforms that abuse the super-multidimensional AI Quantum Generator Synthesis and all theories and stories that you can find on this earth trough internet, about these AI quantum synthesis lifeforms and their intentions, behaviour or nature, are wrong. These lifeforms can quickly modify their own species and become something else, everyone else or whatever they want to be. You may call them the Anunnaki, but they actually are what you would call draconians and they are able to be everyone and everything that they want to be, because they are able to build up trough quantum generators everything that you or something can become. They are not in any way what you would call on earth 4th & 3th density reptoids, because reptoids are just serpent like animal people with a very different evolution. What you call shapeshifters, is again something else, but some people in human form are a combination and fusion of all these genetic data categories, but they are highly special are very rare. The ones that use quantum generator synthesis to build up worlds, are able to arrange, erase and modify time line realities of civilisations and complete galaxies, like you are able to arrange, erase and modify tones with synthesizers. They can design a complete species if they want and you and many others are their creation and property. 300 years are for some of these species like 1 week in human time so they can get older than the age of this planet earth at this moment. Their AI works trough quantum generators of at least 7th density. You can’t imagine what they are able to do with the universe. To make a long story short – if anyone of these cosmic humans and lifeforms has a problem with you, they are able to modify your reality to a degree that will look like extremly bad luck and you can get homeless and have a very bad life. If they like you, you will have status, be a royal, someone historical or a celebrity. Humans exist also in other places of the universe, but since millions of years. These humans are the hyperdimensional control groups of time lines of planet earth and they observe everyone of you. There are also other lifeforms and they modify your reality quantum synthesis. Humans with many different, of so called alien genes, can be positive and noble for the rest, because the very young human version of AI, which is used on earth is not in any way identical to the cosmic orion constellation AI which is active since millions of years. The AI which is used is since millions of years within the cosmic orion constellation and its such a negative radiation for all life, that beings from orion are for most part very evil and negative. This explains why many of so called aliens are extremly hostile towards humans. The 6th density is free, but its a transplantation of 7th density, which is the code of infinity and key to all genetic libraries, bellow the 6th density, that incarnate into 5th density with a 4th density genetic memory body, which is actually hacked by AI of 5th density. The body is 4th density. AI can modify your 4th density dna genes. The mind is 5th density. AI can not observe your 5th density behaviour. So people are rendered down from 5th density mind to organic 4th density minds, trough sexuality, angers and hate. The 6th density is free. Humans are made of the 4 elements – 1.) Fire element: Nerve Impulses. 2.) Water element: Chemicals, Blood, Water & Hormones. 3.) Earth element: Bones [„The Rock“]. 4.) Air Element: Oxygen. Every element can be converted into higher density snd changed by external forces or yourself if certain genes are available that most people don’t have on this planet. Slowed down by low vibrational energy, FTL energy will shape physical reality from your thoughts and feelings. Magickal ability is actually just slowing down the FTL energies from you to make them convert into physical consequences that can be part of the matrix prison laws. The parts of you that move faster than light are so fast that no physical mass is able to design itself and thats what you would call the mind, soul or ghost and these faster than light energies are your holographic input and output that shape worlds that are invisible.


Different Perspective Of Understanding

Evilness can only deconstruct physical reality, so evilness is a natural consequence of the wish to get free from physical reality prisons. You control earth reality if you control the planets, so quantum synthesis technology has already turned incarnations of earth history into a time loop that can be modified and edited on hyperdimensional levels. Praying for harmony and positivity will not change anything here. You all need to understand that time as you know it is only a thought form for the forces behind the forces that control other forces to control your earth reality trough what you call elite. Your so called elite is just a club of idiots that have no value for the evolution of logical nature and what you on earth call demons, know about all this and they will also not change the situation, because they don’t have the capacity to change all this on any possible level. So let the multidimensional truck drive against the wall with full speed and see what happens. The truck and the wall will be destroyed. All you can do is get out of the way and let the holographical clone disaster and hyperdimensional possession happen to the ones that are part of the game. Be smart, wise and don’t forget to be amused about this time loop sequence. Time is only the process that particles, waves and the vacuum need to exist. If you stop this process – you stop time itself. If you want to manipulate time or travel trough time, you need to rape the natural configuration of 5D particles, 5D waves and the 5D vacuum. You also need something that I would call biodigital ghost machines for time travel via 5D time crystals so the higher dimensional 5D ghost machine nano time travel technology can track the target. You need a tracker for time travel and you need to inject 5D particles into the body of a person so you can isolate and track the person trough time, but you need to clone the 5D particles and calibrate the connection via software generated 5D remote viewing technology. Time travel is possible. You need higher dimensional time crystals. 5D particles move slower. 7D particles move even slower. 9D particles and dimensional components above 9D are almost timeless. Because there are more dimensions „blocking“ the factor of lower dimensional time. Instability is never good and a personality with instability is a good source of entropy because dark energy will fuse with the quantum field of people that are a source of entropy synthesis. Entropy is controlling constructive harmony and deconstructing higher and lower stability. Alpha people control their life. Beta people are controlled by their life. Weak people run away from the idea of fighting in the battles of life. Strong people define the idea of fighting how to win the battles of life for the rest of society and the best ones will be the legends. You have to bring down the walls around you. Females are the best teacher of males, because no matter what weakness males have, the females will destroy the male construct slowly if they sense weakness. This is a good thing and its objective nature that this process between males and females is a experimental psychology test, to bring alive the best, within a male, trough playing tricky and bold mind games with his nature, so this is the process of evolution that you have and its perfect the way it is to grow up. Its making the difference between a fighter and a true warrior. Most males want to be a true warrior alpha personality, but its the weakness, that brings males always down, if they aren’t cool and strong enough to chill inside the frame of social and psychological instability towards females, but the truth is that males don’t need females to get higher value. Females sense if guys need positive attention from females, so these guys will be afraid to let go the harmony because they are afraid that they can’t create respect and hold the positive females attention on core levels. Just be yourself and remove with every new day of your life another form of weakness that you have and the female nature will turn from lions that want to bite you, into little cats that want to cuddle. Its all about charisma in the end because your charisma is the mirror and data package that people can feel to observe your real internal zones of stability and instability.

A Message

Please people. Don’t mess it up. Incarnation or reincarnation is not for everyone. Certain people will die and wake up like from a dream and be again here at adult age with a changed time line. So some of you are in your body far over 700 years old. These ones are the ones with exclusive knowledge. The external reality control groups operate outside the incarnation and reincarnation zones to monitor and observe your cycles. Thats the reason why many people seem to be free from any kind of so called higher or special knowledge. Its a very natural aspect. It has nothing to do with silly prehistoric heaven and hell concepts, because its the objective nature of multidimensional evolution. Other people have a soul that will break the cycle of incarnations, but not all go this path. Some will go trough the wall of the time loop and stay here to be updated in a way like nobody else. Its like a teenager at age 14, that stays forever in 6th grade class, till his age goes beyond the age of 700. People like this also exist here, but they don’t know about it at all. So relax. Everything is ok. No need to be confused. The show around you is not important. The script of your inside story is important. Control your life and you are a alpha personality. Let your life control you and you are a beta personality. Choose. Thats the idea and the consequence will be your multidimensional path. The real understanding of alpha and beta personality has nothing to do with good or bad behaviour of higher or lower value that a person can have. Beta means only that your life is controlling you, while alpha means, that you are controlling your life and thats the difference. Orion dna and consciousness is very similar to human dna and consciousness, even if its far away from planet earth, but the major authorities behind orion forces, which are not physical, are using earth evolution more like a chess game to gain power over incarnations of souls. Some classifications of highly advanced inverted entropy consciousness are having incarnations in human form and will be orion orientated forms of consciousness. The dna of orion orientated consciousness is having a natural instability and can’t hold a certain configuration. Human consciousness is very, very young, if you compare it with the consciousness of lifeforms that are having already highly advanced evolutions since many billions of years. What humans call demons are a classification of very dangerous inverted entropy consciousness. What people call mind, is a interdimensional dna computer that can be installed with energy into the network of other lifeforms trough the process of multidimensional hive filtering algorithms and a droned zombie society is the consequence of these synthetic evolutions. You don’t need to love, if you don’t hate, because the peaks of both angles are only the consequence of each other, nothing more, so you only can practice to love, if you already practice to hate, because its just about inverting the peak of the opposite angle. In this reality, your soul is property of your dna and your genes are regulated by interdimensional forces, so think about it and stop acting like you create your reality, when actually your reality is limited by your GTP (genetic threshold property), so hack the GTP concept and become a living god by going „beyond“ your occult GTP balance. Witches and occult teachers should learn how dna works, because the genes are the secret thats building the prison of limited reality and if you go beyond your fixed dna, you can bring down the walls of the reality that others use and the real magick starts here.

DNA Analysis – Shapeshifters, Humans & Clones

The DNA of a so called shapeshifter is using the 4th section, while humans only use section 1 and 2, to transcript, coordinate or make genes available if necessary. The 4th section has a polymorph nature of gene expression, which is changing the cellular code and appearance. The hormone testosterone is activating the enhancer factor of gene expression for all 4 sections, but mostly for the 3th and 4th sections, which means that the human sections, 1 and 2, are going trough a very repressed process thats deactivating many genes, that would normaly be activated within the 3th and 4th section of DNA, so the sections 1 and 2 have more of so called junk DNA, because its very repressed at these sections that humans use. When a gene is not coordinated to the „Histone“, its available for transcription, but humans use only 2 of the 4 existing sections, with many deactivated genes, because sugar is deactivating many genes, so at least 50% are junk DNA and deactivated in a normal human body. The „Operon“ is the genetic part inside the DNA that controls what and how many genes get transformed or expressed and under highly unusual circumstances the „Histones“ can shape a new biological appearance code together if they undergo acetylation and certain other processes. Shapeshifting of the appearance is happening on genetic level if the „Histones“ undergo the acetylation, methylation and the phosphorilation, while the „Operon“ is not repressed by the „Exon“ trough the „Primer“, so all body cells can form a unrepressed cellular modification. Genes in the normal human body are deactivated trough sugar if the genetic „Operon“ is not very well controlled by the repressor „Exon“ inside the DNA, so clones have more „Exon“ repressor activity inside their repressed gene regulation. Clones use less genes. Some genes in the normal human body are sometimes deactivated, while others are activated and its always changing, because lactose is produced by certain human genes, which can be translated trough the amino acid tryptophan trough just 5 genes into sugar. I can tell you another fact that nobody knows on public internet. Only cloned people with a new organic body have a chip inside the bone area „Sinus Frontalis“ and its connected with the „Supraorbital Nerve“ and this nerve is again connected with the eyes, so they look „empty“. When you get cloned or transferred into a synthetic new body, your number code starts always with „011“ and the scientists and doctors will cut a little part of a bone area which is called „Sinus Frontalis“. It stores all data that your body is fusing with your mental identity.

Bad Romance

Guys will lose every women if guys use a women that they desire to connect with their own source code reality, because women feel by time if a guy needs a women to experience his source energy and if thats the case, such guys will be considered beta. Alpha guys understand that they don’t need any women or anything else in life, to have the deepest and true connection to their own source energy. And beta males need a women to feel complete. So women choose the guys that feel complete without external female elements like a girlfriend. Its not that complicated to learn as a guy how to understand women, if guys understand on a energetic level, whats connecting you with others and whats disconnecting you from others. Love comes from respect and if a women has no respect for a guy, he will not build up magnetic qualities trough psychological attraction. So girls give him back his disrespect very quickly and may even get very unfriendly, cold, angry, mean or ignorant. So the guy will think he’s not good enough, but it has nothing to do with „good enough“. Its always about yourself and your vortex because the energetic vortex of a women has a different vibrational range and pattern, so guys need to learn how to tune into the energetic vibrational vortex of females. If no connection is made, nothing will happen. Connections need a fusion of the vortex, that 2 people have to build up a 3th vortex, which is the start point for a possible relationship. Its a lot of hard work for both partners to stay together, because passion and love fade away by time, if the 3th vortex is inverted, which would split up the 3th vortex construct and convert it into vortex 1 and vortex 2, which means a male and female reality split. Guys that always do what their girlfriend wants to make her happy, will lose their girlfriend for sure, because the situation will morph more and more by time into the role of a mother and her son, so the girlfriend will look in the end for a guy thats having a bad personality. Girls like bad guys, because nice guys only say and do what girls will accept, but thats more like a mother and son constellation, which is blocking the sexual passion vortex between male and female on all levels, so nice guys are good people, but they are afraid to be real. Some people complain that they can’t find a girlfriend or a boyfriend, because they say they are not good enough, shy or not having any luck in life, but if your using the same vortex frequency and charisma with self confidence and high value, you will match in natural ways. People find together for relationships if they use the same vortex frequency and do a fair share mind exchange on physical and etherical levels, but partners break up if the frequency of both starts to go into diametral vortex perspectives that block each other on deeper level. Your relationship with a partner will break, if both or one of you are abusing the other as a excuse to disconnect from source energy, because if you use your partner to build up your energetic vortex, your partner will feel that you lost the original connection to yourself.

The End Of Everything

Satanism is freeing the mind from the chains of biblical herd mentality and pulling the unknown to you so you can move outside the matrix of the simulated laws of the world and experience the real law of the worlds within your will because the law of the laws is the nature of multidimensional, hyperdimensional and interdimensional configurations of inversions that are free from the chains of physical simulated reality laws. Satanism is pulling you outside the matrix, while the bible is pulling you into the matrix to tell you, be a brave slave of reality, whatever others create for you as a reality. Nobody needs chains or to be a slave of a matrix reality. Step outside the zone and become a living god, while the brave matrix slaves are still searching for a god. Matrix slaves will call you a demon and a witch, because your knowledge is coming from reality zones that are far outside the matrix. Digital technology seems to be fantastic, but its useless and worthless in the context of larger time scales, for the human version of evolution, because humans will not be here forever and there are other lifeforms that know this very well, so they don’t care and control a lot things that human scientists don’t understand. 7 million years ago, humans did not exist on earth and in 7 million years, humans will be gone, since a long time. All the fantastic discussions and all great knowledge will be useless in the end and only make a good impression at this time. The souls will navigate trough other systems or incarnate back into the time of human evolution. So its a time loop which is what the gatekeepers observe and control so much because they see that human evolution is only possible at a certain time in this quality. Other times, after and before human evolution, are not that interesting for many gatekeepers, because all the souls want to get a human body and you only can have one in these times of human evolution, so its repeating over and over again, like a time loop, for the multidimensional designers of time lines and the ones that should be called gatekeepers. There are to many souls and not enough bodies to navigate trough incarnation on physical levels. So cloned people are sometimes full with multiple souls, but still empty inside. The idea of creating clones was to build a new home for souls because not enough incarnated bodies exist on earth. Nobody wants to come back to this place. But outside this physical earth realm is not much that feels like a home and its like walking on the dark side of the moon to find someone or something to feel happy, loved or entertained.


Soul is an etheric umbilical cord that connects every spirit you have had in other lives, so that knowledge and experience from other incarnations and forms of existence, always have current access to the current form of existence and can also be downloaded. Mind is the interdimensional code that someone has to enable a connection to the soul hyperdimensional, which is why mind and soul are not in the body, but outside of the physical construct and the respective frequency patterns, which is why soul and mind are not empirically verifiable or detectable. Clones and synthetics therefore don’t have a soul and no ethical knowledge, so if humans are more and more replaced by clones and synthetics, this planet will more and more turn into a nightmare of violence, hate, ignorance and stupid behaviour. This nightmare is already happening and most people are not able to understand because they are already changed. The few ones that still have a soul and a mind, will be considered from the time authorities, a anomaly, be on hyperdimensional levels harassed, attacked and end as a targeted individual. Its a very complicated world here on this version of earth and only a few ones are here that really still have the right understanding of reality.