Zombie Society AI-Network

Love is necessary, but this world is already so hostile, that even loving intelligence will get very evil consequences from the global network organisation (GNO). Gangstalking is the consequence for good people that want to share harmony, love and noble spiritual awareness of light for nature of reality. There is a plan to erase human society in every city and country to replace humans with a simulated matrix and synthetic organic replicas that look like a biological clone without a soul and mind or higher self and the chemtrails actually are the technology in the sky to create a interface trough nanobots for a global „AI-Network“ of human zombie people that think they are still the same body and mind, but they will be replaced versions and a remix of who they are, while underground bases under earth’s surface are using quantum computers that work together with CERN and much more to – remote control – the social „AI-Network“ of human society. Humans that still did not get replicated, will be hunted down with helicopters, planes, UFOs, drones and cars that contain technologies that deconstruct the thought form based reality creation powers that real humans have as a capacity. There is so much more, going on, but most people are already „AI-Clones“ that are replaced, so big positive changes will not anymore happen on this planet. Its a pure fantasy world, with a section that is rendering itself trough light and shadow forms of intelligence essences. Everything that you can imagine, exists somewhere, somehow. I know people say you make this up with great fantasy when you see things in clouds or whatever. But I ask, what is truth without the fantasy to reach it? A white person could hate black people, but a dream could heal the stupid hate trough fantasy because fantasy is a dream of truth that goes behind physical laws and here starts the magick of love. Love goes beyond the physical context of skin color and physical world society status. All the wrong and bad things are the inverted root of a lie that has been turned into a physical law for this psychopathic history of earth to make the ones kings & queens that go against the fantasy world that we came from before we existed in physical ways. Actually we still have friends and essences of highest intelligence with us and these lifeforms look like funny cute cartoon figures and this is not a joke, they do look like that and what afraid humans call archontic evil AI beast machine demons, are just the inverted disconnected fragments that lost the connection to the source that some of us still got, so I would even go so far and say that everything is a big fantasy cartoon with heroes and enemies, but its anyway extremly meaningless to paint the picture in black and white, because its just magical fantasy what all of you are and all torture, frustration, sadness, confusion and suffering that you all experience – are food for the inverted side of all that is, which means that the universe is eating itself, which can be a symbol of a circle snake that eats itself, so the dog bites his own tail in the end as a consequence of karma, so love is everywhere around you, just use your fantasy and paint some beautiful color into the shadows of the picture that you „see“, but first of all – learn to „see“, not with your eyes, but with your heart. I talk for everyone. I talk for all the demons. I talk for all the elite members. I talk for criminals. I talk for poor people. I talk for rich people. I talk for everyone. Nobody is a nobody and everyone is a protector of time. You can have money and fame, but time is running away always. So protect your time with quality moments of higher order. Everyone is a sun. Don’t waste your power for meaningless activity. The job of a sun is to keep the fire burning. Bring down the walls of darkness and shine on like a crazy diamond for the rest of heaven and hell inside the fantasy that we all are and always will stay beyond this realm. Fantasy is all you got and all that you are. Shapeshift the fantasy into more fantasy. Dream. Nothing is real physical prison. Magick is the beginning of dreaming fantasy into physical context.